Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost My Mojo

Sad to say, sorry to report, I can't find my mojo. Mr. T was out of town all last week, and didn't arrive home until yesterday evening, so I was single-momming it last week. I normally don't mind doing the single mom thing now that the boys are old enough that taking care of them isn't an overwhelming job. But dealing with K's death and funeral without having my normal sounding board around was rough. Plus, I didn't get very much knitting time at all, even on the weekend.

I always get in a little lull if I've finished a project and haven't gotten another one lined up and ready to go (meaning the swatch is done and I'm ready to cast on). This time it's particularly tough because I haven't even had time to think about my next project yet.

In addition, I gave up on the prior incarnation of my little doily. As Kippi correctly noted, the picture of the doily in the book had 6 little motifs running out from the center, while my doily, knit exactly as the directions specify, only had three. I continued along gamely for a while to see if it would make a difference. Last night I put the whole thing on some sewing thread to see if it would block out into a circle. Alas, no. I'm sure someone out there thinks a triangular doily is cool, but not me. I was really enjoying the knitting, however, so I think I'll go ahead and cast on a new one, using the correct number of stitches.

My emergency back-up knitting, the second Will Spring Never Come sock and the new STR sock club socks, will have to carry me through for now.

What should I knit next? This is an odd time of year for knitting, isn't it? If I start another spring sweater now, it'll be too warm to wear it by the time I'm done. (And I really don't wear too many Spring sweaters here in hot and humid Virginia. Once our lovely week of Spring ends -- if it ever gets here -- we move straight into the hot days of summer.) But it doesn't seem like a good time to start a heavy winter sweater. I could go back to the Bleeding Hearts stole, but truthfully, that's not very fun knitting right now. A vest? I keep threatening to make one for myself. Another piece of lace? I don't even have the energy to go diving through the stash to look for inspiration right now.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

So, as a last resort, I called up my other mojo, and baked some oatmeal raisin cookies for the boys:


Scott T. said...

great; you know I put on a couple of pounds on that damn trip as it is, and now you're tempting me with your cookies. Evil temptress

kippi said...

poor Scott. Is he on the verge of losing his girlish figure? :-)

Sorry about the mojo-loss. Maybe yours is out playing with mine. I seem to fluctuate between having some great ideas and the urge to do something grand and having absolutely no idea what to do next. I'm chalking it up to Spring fever.

Sorry about the doily. Did you check to see if there is an errata somewhere? Seems weird that the instructions are only for half the number of petals.

Have you seen this: It is really cute.

Your cookies look delicious. I say any day that ends up with home baked cookies is a winner. :-)