Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Vacation Starts with a Deluge

Today is the kids' first day home for summer vacation and it's pouring. Not just a nice summer rain, but big, fat, fast drops with a lot more power than my shower, and thunder and lightning. Great.

And Sr. Jr. managed to accidentally order himself an iPod on my Amazon account. I got a new computer (yay! speed!), and had it in mind to scrub the old one of all my info and put a net nanny on it so the kids could use it. Sr. Jr. asked to use it to play games this morning and I thought "How much trouble can he get in in a few minutes?" Famous last words. I know he didn't mean to do it, and claims he didn't even realize he had done it. The one-click stuff on Amazon could easily confuse a kid looking at it for the first time. Of course, by the time I got the confirmation email from them, it was already being packed (he chose the 1 day one-click, of course) and couldn't be cancelled, but they were very nice about saying they'd take it back and eat the return shipping, too. I do love Amazon's customer service.

On the knitting front, my mojo returned just in time for the cessation of all knitting time. Isn't that annoying? I got a good way into my Skandal un Rosie socks. I turned the heel and started working my way up the leg:

I like how these are turning out. The striping is fun, and the contrast toe and heel look great with the black in the stripes.

I also cast on for another Ishbel to do the scarf KAL in the CPASG on Ravelry. I almost finished the stockinette section before school ended:

This is also Wollmeise - sock in Petit Poison medium. The color is just amazing, a gorgeous fuchsia with black overtones. As always, pictures don't show it's full depth or color. Now that knitting time is scarce, we'll see if I finish it within the KAL time.

I have, however, been loading up the Kindle with sample chapters of books I'm interested in reading. Pool time = reading time. Right now I'm reading Darling Jim, a sort of modern Gothic story set in Ireland. Not deep literature, but good summer reading.

The boys were going to go up to New York today to see the US Open, but ended up staying home for logistical reasons. Lucky them, because today's been rained out so far. (I was looking forward to a little mommy vacation, even if it was only 24 hours, but oh, well.)

Looking forward to Father's Day, but still wondering what to get Mr. T... maybe an iPod Touch! Hmm, kill two birds with one stone :)

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