Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Alive. Really

I'm here. I'm alive. I need to get back into the routine of posting here or I'll never get back into it.

The end of the summer was nice, with golf camp and hanging out. Jr. Jr. got the teacher with the worst reputation in the school in terms of homework and hard-assedness, so we'll see how that goes. So far, so good. She's very nice in person, but he likes to talk a lot, so I hope he doesn't spend a lot of time getting yelled at. This is kind of a funny picture of him, looking apprehensive as he waits for the bus on the first day of school:

Sr. Jr. seems to be doing fine, too. Seventh grade is old news. He's used to the whole middle school scene now. He will be trying out for the tennis team tomorrow afternoon, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him. He'll also be playing in the local Fall tennis league here in Arlington. Jr. Jr. will have soccer three days a week, too, so it'll be a task to coordinate.

I've been rapt, watching the matches at the US Open. Great tennis this year, and great stories -- Kim Clijsters? Love it! Since we saw Del Potro play here in Washington over the summer, we feel a personal connection with the finals this year.

I just finished a wonderful book, A Gate at the Stairs, by Lorrie Moore. She is one of my favorite writers, someone who can layer theme upon theme, meaning upon meaning, and make silly yet deep puns while doing it. The book has a big gut-punch in it, too, which I won't discuss in case Sharon hasn't gotten there yet.

But one of the parts that really stuck with me (and I'm not discussing much of the plot here) was when Tassie discovered that her boyfriend was not at all who she thought he was. She said to him something to the effect of "All of your rage and all of your anger... the world is so much smaller than you think it is, and so much bigger than you think it is." That's so very true, no matter what the source of your anger or sadness or worry, isn't it? I won't get all philosophical on you, since Sr. Jr. is on his way home.

Now that school has started again, I'm trying to get back into the exercise routine and the knitting routine. Doing one, however, means doing less of the other. But I'm happy to get my butt moving again.

This morning Mr. T consented to stay home and get the kids ready for school so I could get out early. I left the house at about 6:45 and enjoyed a nice, long and hilly walk. About a mile from home I saw two foxes frolicking with each other, just playing and tumbling along. Very cute. At the end of the walk, coming up to cross Lee Highway (a very busy main street), I saw a guy riding a unicyle up the street in the middle of rush hour traffic. Never dull.

The knitting is going. I've finished the back and front of my non-hoodie sweater, and have started the sleeve. Here's the front (before it was finished):

And here's the sleeve:

The sad thing is that I actually do have a lot to say, just not enough time to say it in, you know? Maybe when things settle into their routine I'll post more substantive crap.


Sharon said...

Loren: beautiful knitting, as usual. In homage to you, I started my first "lace" knitting piece last week. Just a scarf, that I'm almost finished with. Your lace work is so inspiring.

I've done lots of work this summer, but have been unmotivated to post anything on Ravelry. Sigh. Thanks for not disclosing the denouement of the Lorrie Moore. As soon as I ordered it, Jacob's Kindle broke down. They sent me another one, but that one is even more screwed up than the one I returned. I am beyond frustration with Amazon. Weird that school's resumed without all the drama of last year (two new schools, two new milestones reached last year). I understand the knitting/crochet vs. exercise thing. I rode my bike to work today, so I can knit at lunch (yah!). Best.

kippi said...

Love that photo. The expression makes me think that the time of taking first day photos at the bus stop might be ending. :-(

I've not read that book. Will add it to my list. And YES! more philosophy!

You saw interesting things on your walk. The other day I saw a pickup truck plow through a stucco wall and a bit further down a mother trying without success to pull a tshirt over her son's shoulder pads (football). It was funny.

I've never seen a fox, but we have many, many coyote. shudder.

The sweater is so beautiful.

Loren T said...

Sharon - I can't wait to see how your scarf turns out. I'm sorry about the Kindle woes. We ended up buying one for my MIL for her birthday, but her boyfriend got her one, too, so she sent ours back to us.

Is work still frenzied or is it calming down at all?

Scott T. said...

I don't know what color your eyes are baby but your hair is long and brown; your legs are strong and they're so so long....

Love and Rockets were awesome