Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Need Disinfectant. Or an Exorcism.

Friday was the big Wax Museum day at Jr. Jr.'s school. All the kids in the third grade picked a historical figure to research, then they dressed up in costume and pretend to be that person in a Wax Museum. Parents and other kids from the school wander through, pressing buttons on their desks. When their button is pressed, the historical figures "come to life" and present their autobiographies. It's a lot of fun. The kids put so much work into their costumes and biographies. Even the shyest kids stand up tall and talk proudly. This year, Jr. Jr. chose Arthur Ashe as his historical figure. This presented some interesting costume issues, but we simply dressed him up in tennis gear. Beyond the obvious differences, the tennis clothes of today do not look anything like the tennis clothes in the late '60s and the '70s, so Jr. Jr. ended up looking more like Andre Agassi than Arthur Ashe:

But everyone understood :)

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. When Jr. Jr. got off the bus, he walked straight home, crawled onto the couch and said, "I have a headache. I'm cold." Sure enough, he was running a fever. I gave him some Motrin. A half an hour later, he scootched close to me, said, "My head still hurts," put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. When he woke up, he swore he was feeling better enough to go to his last basketball game, but I wasn't buying that. He spend a good amount of the evening throwing up. He was sick all weekend.

And then, on Sunday, the impossible happened. Sr. Jr. came back from a trip to the driving range saying his throat hurt. Wha? Sr. Jr. hasn't been sick in years. That's not an exaggeration.

So both of them stayed home Monday, and Sr. Jr. is still home. Between illnesses, blizzards, and more illnesses, I feel like I haven't properly been out of my house or done anything fun or interesting in months.

But I did get some time to knit on my Business Time socks at the doctor's office, at least.

I also finished the knitting on Pas de Valse. All I need to do now is weave in the ends, do the crochet edging, and wash & block that sucker. I'm skeptical about whether this one will last long-term. We'll see. Here's the current state of it:

But I'm procrastinating on finishing this one up by starting something new, of course:

This is the sleeve for Elegant Empire, using MadTosh's formerly-Worsted-now-DK in Silver Fox. The skeins don't all look the same, so I'm trying to plan how to use them to best effect. There are two skeins that are clearly lighter, with less gray. Those will be my sleeve skeins. I will intersperse the other skeins as needed to try to transition them in so that the change will be subtle.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep a hold on my very tenuous grip on sanity.


Scott T. said...

tenuous grip on sanity.... just let go and enjoy the free fall.

Send Him into the basement to watch TV and you've got the house to yourself again. Sure, this interferes with your constant parade of lovers, but at least you can knit

kippi said...

Well, if she sends him to the basement with a snack and a drink, then at least a few of the lovers can parade through.

The PDV is beautiful. I love, love, love the sleeve of the EE. That color is gorgeous.

Sharon said...

Love the sweater--it looks like it's something you'll wear often, too. Sorry to hear about sick boys. It has been a weird winter, hasn't it? Talk about having to hunker down.

As yes, the parade of lovers through the house. Just tell Scott that they are mother's little helpers and they make a better wife too!

Loren T said...

LOL, Sharon - I like to say that we have the best staffed house in the neighborhood what with the "handymen" and "pool boys" we "employ." Never mind that we don't have a pool.