Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Post Brought to You by the Number 1

One sock:

One mitten:

One very full bobbin of singles:

One part of one other sock:

...and one finished pair of socks:

(Like how I snuck that last one in there?)

This is what happens when I work on many things at once. Luckily, they're small things, but it does feel a bit scattered to me. The top sock, by the way, is Gothsocks. The mitten is a Fiddlehead mitten for my friend Susan. She just tried on that first one a few minutes ago and seemed very happy. The last pair of socks is the Yarn Chef Plum Waves pair.

I managed to get the whole 4.something ounces of fiber onto that bobbin, thank goodness! That's a very fine single, but when I looked back at my first picture from this spin, I realized that I started out a bit thicker. It's taken me at least 3 weeks to do all that spinning, so I'm not surprised that I'm a little inconsistent. I hope the finished yarn isn't too bad because of that.

I'm hoping to get that plied up this weekend, but I don't know. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, so there's a lot of cleaning and prep work to do. Of course, I decided that the guest room needed a little facelift before my alleged* guests arrive next week, so right now the room's a shambles. Sanity prevailed, however, and I decided not to attempt to repaint the room while I was at it.

An emergency call to the plumber pushed to the forefront our plan to renovate the boys' bathroom. It's working, but right after Thanksgiving I need to start the process of finding a contractor, getting estimates, etc. I really don't want to have to go through this, but hopefully it won't take too long. We'd just be gutting and redoing, without moving walls or anything.

So between suddenly having to host Thanksgiving, Chanukah starting right after Thanksgiving (and I still have no gifts!), and needing to get moving on the bathroom reno, I'm a bit stressed. And I won't really be able to knit or spin to relax, either.

I can't wait for January.

* I say "alleged" because while my brother has apparently told other people he's coming here for the holiday, he hasn't actually said anything to me yet.


Sharon said...

I love the "alleged" guests comment. The folly of younger brothers!

Even if singly, you've been productive. I finished up a felted bag this week, but only because I was home sick one day and sat on the couch crocheting all day.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Loren T said...

I'm sorry to hear you were sick, Sharon! Jr. Jr's home now with the pukies.

Are you in town for Thanksgiving or traveling?

Shraon said...

Poor kid!

I'm much better now, thanks. Just run down and a cold.

We will be out of town for a couple of days at my in-law's in Pennsylvania. Not really looking forward to it, but it's low maintenance AND there's a nice yarn store in Carlisle, PA that I always visit on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That's always a treat!

Is Sr. Sr. going to take the TJ test in two weeks?

Loren T said...


No, he's not taking the TJ test. That's not the right place for him at all. We're having a hard time with him lately. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do, truthfully.

kippi said...

that's a lot of ones! You might not feel like you're being productive, but from this view you are.

Let's just hope if brother shows up he doesn't have a four legged friend with him.

Scott T. said...

1, {with Transylvanian accent} ha, ha, ha

Scott T. said...

the mitten photo is very cool