Friday, May 27, 2011

Doo Dah Dipity

(For some reason, that stupid car commercial with the rapping hamsters cracks me up.)

Serendipity: desirable discoveries made by accident.

Serendipity 3: restaurant in NYC that serves amazing ice cream concoctions. My parents used to take us there as a treat when we were kids. I still remember my shock when I heard my mother describe their frozen hot chocolate as "orgasmic." (A friend of mine once said of my mother, "Beneath her conservative exterior is a very uptight woman," so that will give you some idea of why I was so shocked, besides the fact that I was a teenager and this was my mother...)

I've been spinning up a new braid, slowly. There hasn't been that much time this week to do anything. But this one's very pretty. It's called Leafeater, a very pretty mixture of purples, greens, and grellows. It's merino and it's from FatCatKnits, whose braids I am rapidly becoming addicted to.

The standard bobbin shot. In this picture, you can see more of the colors in the braid:

I'm hoping to spin a nice stripey chain ply for socks.

Then I got my other spinner back from its tune-up, so I grabbed something to test it out and see if it was still doing the things that were annoying me (it is, not as bad, but it is). I went to my Collections Club from last month, because the one ounce braids are perfect for this kind of thing. There was a black and blue mixture that I liked, but I want to take care with it, so I passed on that one. Kelly green? Nah. Don't want that. The third one was a nice purple called "Thistle." I started spinning it.

I spun and spun and then realized that it's a very nice match for the Leafeater:

It matches the darkest purples perfectly. At first I thought I could ply them together, but I only have one ounce of the Thistle, compared to the 4 of Leafeater. So for now, I'm going to have one little purple skein to use for heels & toes with the Leafeater.

Doo. Dah. 'Dipity.

Look -- strawberry harvest:

The bunnies and chipmunks have been spending way too much time near my veggie/strawberry garden. They're cute and all, but they need to stay away from my goodies!

Mary Jane is finished, but I haven't had a chance to get anyone to take pictures for me, so that will come next. I've started a new sweater, Drifting, a summery cardi, but I don't have any good pics of that yet, either. So that's what's coming soon.

Hopefully, Memorial Day weekend will be relaxing for me, with time to knit and spin :)

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Anonymous said...

FatCatKnits is why I'm giving up all my clubs. Unless I get into SCF, then I'll join. FCK has too many awesome colors and great fiber and I can get what I want when I want it.

Yummm. Strawberries.

:-) kippi