Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, we all went for a hike up to Great Falls. It was the first beautiful day in months and months, so the park was very crowded. It didn't help that so many people decided to pay the $5 entry fee by credit card, leading to a line of cars at least a mile long waiting to get into the park. (The line to get in was even longer on our way out.) Here are some random pictures, some with notes, some without.

Here's a point where everyone goes to look at the falls, and you can look across the river to see people on the Maryland side doing the same:

The falls were raging because of all the rain we've had in the last month and a half:

Sr. Jr.:

A snake we saw:

Another snake we saw:

Jr. Jr.:

Mother's Day would have been a little nicer except that my brother spent the night last night. He called at 9 pm to say that he'd be arriving after midnight. I had things I wanted to do in the morning that didn't involve being a hostess, and he wasn't exactly taking hints that he should head home. We finally ate lunch, put on sunscreen, got our water bottles, and hustled him out the door as we were leaving to go hiking.

I hope all the mothers reading this had a great Mother's Day. I'll be back with some knitting content later this week :)


kippi said...

This post is full of all kinds of fun things:

Cute kids. (love)
Icky snakes (not so much)
Maryland-ers. (they look smaller than I had imagined)
Raging rapids. (ever see that Kevin Bacon movie?)
Dorky brothers. (ha ha ha. I've one too. Clueless)

The knitting can wait. :-)

Scott T. said...

Glad you had an ok time; I can kill him if you want, just say the word (of course, my usual fees will apply).

Kippi --"Maryland-ers. (they look smaller than I had imagined)" -- Hilarious

Sharon said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Loren! It was a spectacular day here, wasn't it? Yesterday was one of my best Mother's Days ever--just hanging with the kids and my husband, with a lacrosse game and a driving lesson for Jacob thrown in. The best Mother's Day mostly because we didn't hurt anyone or wreck the car during the driving tutorial. Can you say grey hairs?

Loren T said...


But your Mother's Day couldn't possibly have been complete without a freeloading clueless brother! I'm glad you had a nice day, and no cars or pedestrians were harmed in the course of the day :)


Sharon said...

Well, I've had my share of clueless guests the past month, so I can sympathize. I'm enforcing a guest moratorium for a month or two. How old did you say your brother is?

Loren T said...


Sorry about your clueless guests. My brother is 40. But he's never quite grown up. And he's coming back tomorrow.