Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beer, Brats, and Lil Belgians - Tacchino CX weekend

This weekend was the Tacchino Cyclocross race organized and sponsored by Squadra Coppi, Mr. T's bike team. The race was a lot of fun for the whole family.

The weather was gorgeous, 75 and sunny. There was live music.

There was interesting food.

I had a brat, with mustard and sauerkraut, yum.

There was a turkey ("tacchino" means turkey).

Oh, yeah. There was some racing, too.

Mr. T did well in his race. He not only came in 4th overall, but he won a 6-pack of tasty Belgian beer made in Upstate New York for being in second place on one of the laps. Other prizes in races included sausages, bacon, and a Tofurkey. The first person who won the Tofurkey "donated" it back to the race to be given out to someone else. I don't know if they ever managed to give it away.

That's Mr. T next to the turkey (James).

Sr. Jr. did the 10-14 race, which went out just behind the women's races. The top junior racers, Sr. Jr. included, would have placed very well in the women's field. They overtook a good portion of the women's field, which I found interesting, because there are some VERY strong women racing. Sr. Jr. took second in his race. He and the first place finisher came in way ahead of the rest of the junior field.

Things are even more fun at the Jr. Jr. level. Two of his buddies from school (in his class, even) both race, too. One races because his dad is on Mr. T's team, but the other just likes to race and his parents are happy to cart him around to races. So we all hang and have fun, and the boys have a blast. D (from the non-racing family) usually comes in first in the group, then Jr. Jr., then C. (from the racing family). But they all have a great time and support each other.

Well, I can't remember the last time I got any serious knitting done. However, the one thing that cyclocross riders and knitters have in common?

A thing for funky socks :)


Scott T. said...

Thanks so much for coming today; I know Liam appreciates it and so do Jake and I. Jesus H Christ, would you look how tall he is next to you!

I've told you repeatedly that Cyclocross is a community with a serious sock fetish.

kippi said...

So when is it Scott's turn to wear the turkey outfit?

The entire event looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work to set up and host. Do you not have a tinge of desire to participate in the women's event?

I love the photos of the kids on the winners' platform. So cute.

And those pink argyle socks are hot.

Res said...

I tried to find another pair of the pink argyles to use as arm warmers, but sadly they were all out! Thanks for the shout-out and for making my booty look good.

Sharon said...

Looks like fun. We spent the weekend at Deep Creek Lake, MD, enjoying the gorgeous weather too. I hope the plague has passed over your house with only Liam struck down by it. Sam had it, I had a wicked cold last week (lingering into this week), and Jacob is working so hard that I know he's next. Only my husband, despite the fact that he's 61 and just ran a marathon, seems immume!

Loren T said...

Res - you would have been sweltering with arm warmers that day! But I do covet those socks :)

Sharon - It sounds like you had a nice weekend away. Always nice to have a surprise warm weekend. I'm coming to the conclusion that Liam just has a cold, and not the dreaded H1N1, but I'm keeping him home just to be extra careful. I hope Sam wasn't too ill with it, and that you're feeling better soon too.

Sharon said...

Sam had a bad cold too, but I'm thinking it was some type of flu, because she had a fever for 3 days. I did get her swabbed, and it was not H1N1. I think a lot of Arlington County kids have had H1N1, but just as many have also had a flu like thing that's going around.