Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best Sock Ever

I'm in love with this sock. I just finished it today and I can't wait to finish the other one so I can wear them. The pattern (the Dark Isle sock, by Laris) is easy and fun to knit. The sock fits perfectly and is really cozy.

The original pattern called for Regia, but I was using a much thinner yarn. I used two shades of Wollmeise 100% sock wool, black and Dornroschen, which by itself is a retina-searing combination of hot pink and bright red. Combined with the black, however, the brightness is toned down and the colors turn merely intense.

In order to accommodate for the gauge differences, I cast on 72 stitches on size 0 needles instead of the 64 stitches on 1s or 2s called for. I also changed some of the motifs to four rows instead of three to make the length work out correctly. These changes worked perfectly.

I also did a plain old short row heel instead of the afterthought heel called for in the pattern. I just wanted to. This way, I could try the socks on as I went and when I cast off at the top, I was done.

Other than that, there's nothing going on here. Bike races for the two older boys, school project supervising for me.


Scott T. said...

I also love the socks; very cool; can't wait for my pair in blue on black to wear in Cross season (Next year I guess)

Gracie said...

I just discovered your blog, through your pictures of the snow on Ravelry (and I immediately recognized that you live in Arlington or Alexandria - oh I miss living there!) Love the socks; love the Fiddlehead Mittens. I agree with you on American Wife (all of your comments) and My Life in France (ditto); am planning to listen to Deliverance Dane in the next few weeks and hope it won't be as disappointing as, say, The Lace Reader and The Help (both of which I set aside about one-fifth of the way in). Finally - and now I feel as I have no will of my own, especially consider the drooling I've been doing over your pictures of Spike - I'm about to start the Pas de Valse, too. Not sure what yarn I'll use, but probably something of Sanguine Gryphon's.
So glad to have discovered you, Loren!

Loren T said...

Thanks, Gracie! You made my day :) Feel free to get in touch on Ravelry so I can see your projects, too.
I haven't read The Help, but now I guess I won't. I wound up some Skinny Bugga to use for Pas de Valse in case the Squoosh didn't work out, and now I really want to knit with that, too.