Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bits and Bobs

I hope all of you who celebrate had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a very relaxed, low-key celebration at home, just the four of us. This is the first time in, um, ever that we have done that. I joked with the kids that we should have the meal in our PJs, but we didn't go that far. It was nice to read late, sleep in, and have no place we HAD to go.

Jr. Jr. played superhero with a blankie I knitted for him while I was pregnant:

On Sunday, the boys went to see the GW game, where they sat about 50 feet away from President Obama and his family, there to cheer on the First Lady's brother, who was coaching the opposing team. Mr. T swears the President waved at him :) There are pictures, but they're not very clear.

There hasn't been much knitting time (as usual), but I did manage to finish the Fiddlehead Mittens:

Just in time, too. It was 32 degrees this morning, so I got to wear them down to the bus stop. Between the stranded outer mitten and the liner, these mittens are essentially three layers of wool. They were nice and toasty. However, they aren't tight at the wrist, and they aren't too long, as you can see in this picture:

I may pick up stitches around the bottom and add a ribbed cuff. It won't look quite as pretty, but the cuff can hide under my jacket sleeve. The cuff will keep cold air and snow from coming in the bottom.

I also got to do a little bit of work on my Gothsocks. I got a lot done at a meet-up we had last week downtown. Tasha was coming in from Chicago, so a bunch of us who met through the various swap/Wollmeise boards on Ravelry met at a restaurant downtown and spent a very nice couple of hours snacking, knitting, and chatting. It made me wish I had a local knitting group that met weekly or bi-weekly. Interestingly, although all of us met because of our love of Wollmeise yarn, none of us was knitting with it last week.

I also got a little bit done on the second Dark Isle sock. Even though it's the second sock, it's still a lot of fun to knit.

I'm coming to the point where I can cast on for something new. I want to knit another sweater, and I also would like to do something lacy for the Wollmeise lace knit along. Makes me wish I had more time to knit!


kippi said...

Yum, your turkey looks delicious!

Love the superhero! And your spinning wheel looks lonely. It needs a workout.

Gorgeous mittens. I like your idea of the ribbing. And I adore those socks.

Scott T. said...
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Scott T. said...

If anyone has any questions for the President, or as I call him, Barry, just let me know; we're very close now you know.

Turkey and everything else was excellent, and remained excellent for the next 5 times I ate it (she got a 20 pound turkey).

Now I'm waiting on my socks (blue and black version of the ones below) and mitten (something more masculine than the colors of yours, thanks).

Loren T said...

Only one mitten?

You didn't need to delete your other comment, dude!

Scott T. said...

It wouldn't let me edit it.

Go ahead and make it a pair. I'll find some use for the second one