Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Needles, Small Needles. Am I Out of My Mind?

Elegant Empire is done. Blocked, sewn up, buttoned, and put away until the weather is warmer.

It's a little bit big on me and the cable panels don't quite match up perfectly. I need to decide whether I hate that or not. The big part I think I can fix through blocking. This was knit on size 6 and 7 needles and went pretty quickly, when I actually had time to sit down and work on it.

So what have I chosen to work on next? Paper Crane, knit in Wollmeise laceweight on size 2 needles. In a summer where I have to get ready and host a bar mitzvah. Am I crazy? At the very least, the sweater is pretty much all stockinette, so it's not like I have to pay too much attention to what I'm doing. But... teeny tiny stitches on teeny tiny needles. My eyes hurt just from casting on:

That's Mmmmmerlot, one of my absolute favorite Wollmeise colors. I hope it still is when I finish this!

As for the reading, I'm currently in the middle of Parrot and Olivier in America and enjoying it very much. It involves a spoiled and somewhat clueless young French nobleman dispatched to America to "study" American prisons (really a task settled upon to get him out of the country at a time of unrest) and the English "servant" who serves as his secretary. It's an amusing re-think of the story of de Toqueville's travels in America.


spider said...

good luck with paper crane! i am slogging through the second sleeve with bmfa laci. it has been a looong road. hope it fits. that would be the biggest bummer after all that work.
time for something a little more speedy.

Loren T said...

See, spider, you're supposed to encourage me, not tell me it's a slog and a looooong road before I've even started, LOL!

I bet it will look great in Laci - what color?

Meg Wesley said...

Ooh! The paper crane will look good in that color! Just think how good it will look if you get frustrated with it. I haven't used needles that small yet but I'm getting there.

kirsten said...

that colour is superb!
merlot... mmm. you will probably need a glass or two to get through all the stocking stitch. ;)

Loren T said...

Thanks Kirsten! It's such a lovely pattern that it deserves a color that will do it justice. I'll save the wine for *after* the knitting so I don't mess it up.