Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slow and Fast

One and a half weeks until the end of school.

When I get the chance, I've been knitting on Paper Crane. I love the yarn. I love the color with all my heart. I even don't mind the teeny tiny stitches on teeny tiny needles. But this is going to take a really, really long time to knit, especially since I don't foresee having a whole lot of knitting time this summer.

This is 25 rows of knitting. Slightly more than 2 inches of sweater. Someday maybe I'll get a light box so I can capture the true beauty of these colors.

When I have less time, I work on the Nutkin socks I'm making for a friend. I still love these socks and this yarn. One glance at the pattern and that was all I needed - it's really easy, so I can take it with me as my waiting room knitting.

While I mourn the loss of free time that summer brings, I also look forward to a lot of its freedoms -- no more piano lessons, baseball games, tennis lessons, practices, and matches, no homework, more freedom to go and do and stay up late and sleep in. The garden grows and we get yummy fresh vegetables (hopefully). We have more time to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

This will be a tough summer, between Mr. T's trial in California and the bar mitzvah, but I'm sure the actual bar mitzvah and the trip to Costa Rica will be wonderful. I hope that Sr. Jr. has a great time on this trip and remembers it as a special time. I hope that I don't kill members of my (extended) family in the process. I hope that my family doesn't want to kill me, too!


kippi said...

The sweater is coming along nicely! You have more patience than I do, friend. I agree with your assessment of the mmmmmmerlot. It's much prettier knit than skeined.

Love, love, love the Nutkins! You've persuaded me to knit that pattern again.

Scott T. said...

kill kill kill kill