Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Official

The universe clearly hates me:

I don't know exactly what caused this. At one point I whacked my ankle on the dishwasher, but that's not unusual. It's not like it hurt after that. The next day I got on the treadmill as usual, started running, and for a long time, felt perfectly great. Ran a bit longer than I normally do, as a matter of fact. Then it started hurting. So I stopped running and kept walking, thinking I'd walk it off. When things started to feel better, I ran again. Ouch. I probably should have stopped sooner than I did, but it's not like I twisted it or felt anything go "pop" or anything. I came upstairs, plopped a bag of ice on it, took two Advil, and rested. And rested. And iced. And wore the compression sock and the little ankle brace.

But it kept hurting. It was tender to the touch on a spot right above my ankle, on bone. So today, a week later, still feeling exactly as bad as last week, I took myself off to the orthopedist. Diagnosis was a definite maybe -- "deep bone contusion and/or hairline fracture." If it's just the contusion, I should be better in a couple of weeks. If it's a fracture, it'll take longer.

So now I have this lovely boot to lurch around in, and I'm just hoping that I feel better enough to fully participate in all the stuff we plan to do in Costa Rica.


On a happier note, we retrieved Sr. Jr. from his week away at Adventure Links camp. He looked like he had a great time. They did a high ropes challenge, some climbing, caving, whitewater rafting and "natural water slides." At the end of every session, the counselors give out awards to all the kids based on their personalities and things they did during the session. Last year, SJ won the "firestarter" award. This year he won the "big brother" award, for taking care to befriend and translate for a boy from Korea who didn't speak English too well. Makes a mommy proud, even if he doesn't display such nice big brotherly tendencies toward his actual brother ;-) This is what the car thermometer said on the way out there:

On a sadder note, Ron McDonald, the owner of Tennis USA and Sr. Jr.'s tennis coach for the last two years, passed away suddenly last week while Sr. Jr. was away. Ron was a great coach, who really connected with Sr. Jr. I love my son, but he can be a difficult kid to coach -- stubborn, prone to know-it-all-ism, and sometimes (ok, often) moody. But Ron really took the time to think of ways to engage him and connect with him. He will be missed by us and by a lot of other families in the area.

In knitting news, the Paper Crane is now 123 rows long. I realized that I was knitting a bit tighter, so my gauge might be too small for the bottom of the sweater. I think I can block it out, and if it's not perfect, that's ok -- the sweater is open at the bottom, so if it's a little smaller there, it won't be a big deal. I'm trying to loosen up the knitting now to get the upper part of the sweater sized properly. I don't have any new pics, so here it is 23 rows ago:

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