Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Bar Mitzvah

Sr. Jr.'s bar mitzvah was this weekend. He did an amazing job; I'm so proud of him. And, while it wasn't fun trying to pull all this together and get everything ready with a fractured ankle, it all got done and everything went well.

Early on, we offered him the choice of a big, traditional bar mitzvah party with lots of people, a dj, etc. OR a small family event and a trip of his choice. He chose the trip option, so the party ended up being about 25 of us in a private room at a local restaurant. It was really nice, because we all had the opportunity to talk and relax. There was no shouting over music, or breaking for "games." Despite my fears, there was no inter- or intra- family drama. We ate, we talked, it was lovely.

Then we had a low-key brunch here at the house this morning before everyone had to head home again.

Here are some family pics:

Sr. Jr. and the Rabbi at the rehearsal:

With Grandpa T that afternoon, before the bar mitzvah:

Ready to go:

Some T family members arrive at the temple:

Boys being silly:

I look so elegant with the boot, don't I?

First halfway decent picture of me EVER:

The quintessential Jr. Jr.:

With my father and his wife:

With my brother and his girlfriend:

With my aunts and uncles:

I don't have any pics with my ILs on my camera, so I'm waiting for them to be emailed to me.

And no, I haven't knit in ages, so no new knitting pics to show you.

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