Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spinning More

As I said in my last post, I'm trying to make sure I work spinning into my daily (or near daily) activities. I'm still knitting, but I'm taking breaks and spinning, too. (And yes, all the other stuff of life, laundry, cleaning, cooking, kid stuff, etc. is still going on as usual.)

I finished spinning the Crown Mountain Farms merino I showed you last time:

It's very soft! I think I'm going to make myself some fingerless mittens for when it starts getting really cold in the house.

For my next spinning, I chose a braid from one of my favorite dyers, Squoosh:

(I really need to get a lightbox for taking pictures. Hint, hint Mr. T, Chanukah's coming)

I'm almost done with the first bobbin of the Squoosh fiber. I'm spinning it very thin. It wants to be that way.

It's very autumnal. I worry about how it will look when it's plied, but I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm following the knitting plan I laid out for myself as well. I've picked up Paper Crane again. I've knit 36 out of 79 rows of those teeny tiny stitches, so I'm working my way toward the end of the body. I've turned the heel on the first of the stripey socks I showed last time, too. No new pics of those, because they look pretty much the same as they did.

Sr. Jr. made the cut to get into the second round of tennis tryouts. They were supposed to be yesterday, which was tough for him. He was in two bike races this weekend. He raced in one men's race, and then raced in the Under 19 race the next day (he came in 2nd!). He also played tennis, so yesterday morning he was pretty tired. Luckily, tryouts didn't finish up, so he got another night to rest and recover before finishing up this afternoon. I can't wait to hear how he did!

Jr. Jr.'s soccer team won both of its games this weekend, too. He played and he played ok, but he didn't score any goals. This year kids in his grade do instrumental music. He chose the trombone. Now, I love the trombone. It can make some beautiful music, just generally not in the hands of a fourth grader. He came home yesterday after his first day able to blow some notes! It wasn't awful, until he decided to try to play "Eye of the Tiger." Good thing we have a lot of Advil on hand.

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