Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"February is Nature's Way of Saying 'I Hate You!'"

Ice, ice, baby. Clearly, I posted my happy place pictures and tempted Nature to get back at me. Bitch.

I finished the first repeat of the border chart for the Bleeding Hearts shawl:

I like how it's turning out so far. The yarn is Laci, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in the Corbie colorway. According to my calculations, it has more yardage per pound than the yarn used in the original shawl, but this feels like a pretty heavy laceweight to me. It's soft, cushy, and warm, so will make a nice comfy shawl. This shawl is knit from both ends inward and then grafted in the middle, which leaves a line up the back, but allows for the directionality of the lace on both ends to match. The border transitions into the main chart, so you really can't knit it all in one direction and just tack on the border. We'll see how it looks. I'm not too worried.

Interesting results in the Potomac primary, huh? It was a sweep for Obama and for McCain, but it was a closer race for McCain. What the Republicans should really worry about is the fact that nearly twice as many Democrats and Republicans voted in the Virginia primary -- could be a bad omen for the general election.

Sorry to post and run, but it's time for me to slip and slide my way down to the bus stop...


Scott T. said...

That is my phrase, and you have not appropriately given me credit and failed to compensate me. You will be hearing from my lawyers

Loren T said...

Joint property, baby.

kippi said...

simmer down you two.

Have you ever seen hoarfrost? it is about the best thing that can come from a wicked February day.

Nice shawl! I was knee deep in Ravelry and found Brooklyn Tweed's version of the Swallowtail shawl knitted in dk weight. Really lovely. In the midst of searching for something (item which I cannot remember at the moment) I stumbled upon 150 grams of babyweight yarn. So I decided to knit it (the corner to corner pattern which I have no idea what the correct name is) until I had exhausted 75 grams and then decrease for the last bit. I'm nearly finished. I've had much too much satisfaction from this mindless knit.

Do you like Koigu? I received some sock yarn from and it rivals Koigu. I really like it. I'm working on my first toe up sock. It is really strange to do them this way and I'm not certain I like it, but I shall keep going.

Texas has early voting so although the Primary isn't until March 4, I can actually vote this Tuesday. Weird, right?

Belated Valentine's greetings. What's the next Hallmark Holiday? St. Patrick's Day.