Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday -- Late Edition

There's not too much knitting to talk about today. Poor Mr. T. is home today with a bad case of the flu. The kids and I all had our flu shots, but he did not. He was supposed to go to NY today for a meeting, and then from NY to California for a preliminary injunction hearing, both of which he is going to miss. He's seriously sick to even contemplate missing those, pobrecito.

I'm working away diligently on the edging for Miss Lambert's shawl, having gone up one long end, around the corner, across the top, around the next corner, and about halfway down the opposite long side. I'm not finding it tedious at all. It's an easy edging pattern -- 12 rows long, not too many stitches wide, and memorized quickly. I feel like I make quick progress, which is good on a shawl that will be 5 feet by 19 inches. If I have to knit something that's 13 feet 2 inches long, I'd better enjoy it! It looks so pretty that I stop to admire it often. If I keep at it at my current pace, I might just get this finished by early next week.

I finished sock #1 of the STR January club pack, but I don't think I can show a picture of it yet under club rules. The sock was an easy and quick knit, but I don't love it. It's a tad big, but wearable, but I don't like the star toe. It bunches up a bit on the top of my foot. If I weren't so lazy, I'd rip it back and use a plain toe, but I am, indeed, that lazy.

I also haven't gotten too far on the Smooshy socks. They've been on the bottom of my knitting list lately, but since Sr. Jr. has a long physical therapy appointment today, they'll grow a bit. Here's a pic of the toe so far, and I think you can see the ravishing beauty of the color:

How's that for some hot sock on sock action?

So, how did we all do in our Super Tuesday bets? On the Republican side, I wasn't too surprised that McCain did so well. I had a feeling that Huckabee would do well in the states he did do well in, but I didn't think he'd win them. On the Democratic side, I'm not at all surprised that things weren't settled. Both Clinton and Obama are very attractive candidates with very similar policy positions. We'd do well with either one of them. I think for a lot of people it really does come down to personality and vision of what our next Presidency will look like philosophically. On the Republican side, there are some distinct and important policy differences between the candidates, which says something about the state of the Republican party post-Bush.

Did you see that Ann Coulter said that she'd be supporting Clinton if McCain turned out the be the Republican nominee? Don't you want to know how Clinton reacted to that?

Yesterday's primary results do make things more difficult for me. I've never been this undecided at this stage in an election season and been in a position where my vote would make any difference. Now, the DC-MD-VA primaries next week could well play a big role in determining the nominee. I honestly don't know what I'll do next week. CNN reported a lot of people did not know until they got into the voting booths yesterday who they would vote for, and I may face the same dilemma next week. I'm attracted to Obama's message of change, hope, and unity, but I'm skeptical of his experience. He hasn't even completed a single Senate term. I've heard people mention that they were inspired by his speeches, but were turned off that he didn't answer questions, whereas Clinton spends a lot of time answering questions and directly engaging with voters. As for Clinton, I admire her strength, perseverance, and experience. She's smart and capable, but does she really have the temperament to rise above the partisanship that will inevitably pour forth if she's elected?

I'm avoiding talking to my neighbors, who are big Clinton supporters and work on her campaign. I know exactly what they'd tell me if I asked them how they'd convince me to vote for her. I know exactly what Obama supporters would say, too. I just have to decide.

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kippi said...

Hey! I was waiting for your comments. Firstly, sorry Mr. T. is under the weather. That is no fun. Hope he gets better soon. 3 cheers for the flu shot.

Nice foot photo. I especially like the double layered sock action. :-) You can show your sock photo. I think they just ask that you let people know that there is a spoiler if you place your blog link in the STR forum or in Ravelry. And I think this is only until about 10 days or so after mailing to allow for shipping overseas. My feeling is if people don't want to see it then they need to stay away from the internet.

okay, on to super Tuesday. I'm still sort of 'meh' over all of it. I tend to lean socially liberal/fiscally conservative so that leaves me in no man's land basically. I agree that it basically comes down to McCain, Clinton or Obama. I was thinking about all this last night and came to the stunning realization that those people 38 years old and younger have only known a Clinton or a Bush in the White House. As far as I'm concerned that is the best reason to have a big change. Heck, I've only voted in one election that did not contain a Clinton or a Bush. Way too inbred for me.

I am trying to balance Obama's experience with Clinton's seeming ease at doing anything at all to get elected. And as you say her polarizing personality (?)

I don't have to make a decision until March 4. Lucky me. :-)