Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potomac Primary Day -- Rain, Sleet, Flu & Assorted Other Miseries

It's cold and rainy here today. I had to go pick Sr. Jr. up from school, and the rain froze to my windshield as soon as it came down, making it very difficult to see. Don't worry, he's not running a fever, just coughing and being dramatic. When I was in the school office waiting for him to get his stuff together, two other kids from his class were being picked up, too. It's just that kind of day.

Voted in the morning, and the lines were pretty long. There was no Clinton campaign person outside, although there was an Obama rep and a McCain rep. Both Mr. T. and I wondered if that meant she was writing off the Potomac Primary, where Obama is thought to be leading, to focus on upcoming big-delegate states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and commenter Kippi's Texas. Can't wait until the polls close to see what happens. Sr. Jr.'s school is also a polling place, and the ladies in the office report that turnout there was pretty thick, too.

I cast on for the Bleeding Hearts shawl and got all of six rows done before the school called me to pick up Sr. Jr. I've also gotten word that a good friend S's mother is very ill, too. S's mom has been ill for a while, in and out of the hospital with something in her lungs (not cancer), so to hear that she's very ill must mean it's quite serious. I left a message, but I imagine she's with her mom. She's also gotten some bad news recently about her son, who has a rare genetic condition, so the poor thing has had quite a rough time lately.

Because it's so grey and depressing here, I thought I'd share some pictures of a fantastic summer vacation. The pictures above are from our August 2006 trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We all loved Jackson Hole, and especially hiking in the Tetons. The first picture is of some Bison we saw along one of the roads. There were probably a thousand Bison milling around, blocking the road, wallowing in the dirt, feeding their babies, and mock fighting. It was an impressive sight. I could only imagine what that area was like hundreds of years ago, before humankind came along and almost wiped out so much of the wildlife. The kids decided Bison should really have been called "Beefalo."

The second picture shows the early morning view off our condo patio. The pink sunrise against the mountains was hypnotizing. I could stand there all day watching the path of the sun across the mountains.

The final picture is Taggart Lake up in the Tetons. This was a great hike with sensational views. One day, we saw a mother and baby moose off in the distance, and just stood there watching them for about a half an hour. The lake is so clear and crisp you can see bottom a good way out. I could probably post another 50 stunning pictures from that trip, this is supposed to be a knitting blog, eh?

If the sickness situation in the house allows, I'll post Bleeding Heart progress pictures tomorrow.


Scott T. said...

February is nature's way of telling us "I hate you"

kippi said...

ha ha ha. Scott made me laugh.

Does your son have a man cold? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLHWmjA5IE)

Beautiful photos. Stunning, actually. Does it make current cold weather worse or better to look at such a warm summer day on film?

The political race just gets more and more interesting. Texas has an Open primary. Which means we can vote for whomever we wish.

Isn't it great to be an American?