Friday, July 18, 2008

The Heat is On

Ah, our first Code Red day of the year! The swamp that is Washington never fails to assault the senses.

It's been a pretty busy week. Jr. Jr. has baseball camp, and Sr. Jr. has tennis camp. He'd never played tennis before, but wanted to learn. The first afternoon I went to pick him up, he came toward me with a huge smile on his face. "I really like tennis!" he said. He's picked it up pretty quickly. Even today, at the end of the session, he's still in love with his new sport. Both Jrs. are signed up for another tennis camp in August, too. Between now and then, I'll take them out to play, and maybe I'll sign Sr. Jr. up for some lessons in the Fall, too. It's been very nice to see him so happy. (He won his tournament, too!) Next week is football camp for both boys.

There have only been a few hours this week where they were both at camp, so I did fun stuff like have a mammogram (no cancer!) and a dental check-up (no cavities!). In between, there was a little bit of knitting time. I finished the main body of the shawl and have just started the top edging:

Here's a slight close-up:

It wasn't easy trying to take these pictures. I had to use one hand to fend off the cat, who really wanted to jump up and sit on the shawl, and did, the moment I turned my back for a second.

There was an error in the part of the pattern that started off the top edging. It was clear from the pattern that she originally had another edging planned, but went back and changed it to continue using the same edging that was knitted on with the body of the shawl. In the course of cutting and pasting, not everything got cleared up. It was a pretty easy error to spot, and of course, this being a Knitspot pattern, the corrections were up on the website (but were easy enough to figure out on my own anyway). So if you buy this pattern, make sure to note the errata before you start the top edging.

Poor Mr. T has been working like a dog this week. He even worked a bit during our vacation (which really isn't that unusual), but this week has been tough. I suppose it's good that he's busy, because it means business is good and he's in demand, but it also means a lot of stress for him.

It doesn't help that my father is pulling his jerk routine, either. That's not new, but never appreciated.

Now I must go tend to the house, which is a wreck, before my friends from Texas arrive this evening :)

Fun Stuff

If you haven't checked out Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, go now! It's hysterical.


Scott T. said...

I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to refer to me henceforth as "the thoroughbred of sin"

kippi said...

ha ha ha ha Scott is funny. pervy, but funny.

I totally loved Dr. Horrible! I watched it earlier this week and was totally in love. Don't you just adore Doogie?

Sheesh, is this the season of work stress and crazy family members? I've about had enough as well.

Your boys wear me out just reading about their adventures. And huzzah for the tee tas and teeth both being clear.

Enjoy your friends!