Monday, July 21, 2008

In Which Reality Finally Occurs to Me

What was I thinking? There's no way I can design my own aran right now. Even if I could get the design worked up, the knitting itself would be way too complicated for my already busy life right now.

But it's 97 degrees outside and I'm jonesing to get back to sweater knitting. Fall's around the corner, allegedly. I've been knitting a lot of lace and summery stuff, and now's the time to get on the sweater knitting if I want some to wear when (if) the weather turns.

So I trolled around Ravelry for a while and found the Gathered Pullover, from Interweave Knits' Winter 2007 issue. It fits the bill nicely -- mostly easy to knit (stockinette in the round) with a little bit of interesting stuff to keep me (and the sweater) from boredom. It also looks like a nice, classic sweater that will stand the test of time. A lot of knitters on Ravelry have successfully made modifications that I would make to the sweater, as well. So, off to the stash closet to try to find an appropriate yarn. The designer used a sportweight yarn, but used larger than normal needles to add drapeyness to the sweater. That gives me several options. I can use a sport or dk weight and larger needles, or I can use a worsted weight for a more solid sweater. I would like this to be a little fitted around the bust, with waist shaping, so perhaps the heavier yarn would make me look a little bulkier.

Sticking with the sport/dk weights, I pulled several options:

Top left is Sierra in a dark green, top right is Pure Alpaca in a richer green, with a lot of lighter green and burgundy running through it. Bottom right (with swatch) is KnitPicks' Telemark in charcoal grey. Bottom left is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed, in Cedar. I'm afraid that the pure alpaca would be too drapey, especially on a larger needle. I'm not sure I want a sweater in the dark green Sierra. I'm craving a bit of tweed. It's between the Telemark and the Jo Sharp, but I suspect that the Jo Sharp will win if I like the swatch. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work on the edging for the Star of Evening Shawl. I had a bit of knitting time yesterday and more today while Sr. Jr. had a dentist appointment. The following picture is from yesterday afternoon, so it doesn't accurately represent where I am now. I'm not quite halfway across the top.

Since my knitting time is so unpredictable these days, I have no idea when I'll finish this. Under normal circumstances, it would be finished tomorrow and blocking on Wednesday. At this point, I'm shooting for next week.

This Week in Camp

This week the boys are both doing a touch-football camp in the evenings. On the one hand, it's a pain to have evening camp, because it messes up our mealtimes and doesn't give me any free time during the day to get things done. On the other hand, it's so freaking hot right now that I'm glad the kids don't have to be out at the hottest point of the day.

The boys and I (and yesterday, Mr. T) went out and played tennis this weekend, since Sr. Jr. loves it so much now. He's pretty good for someone who'd never picked up a racket a week ago. I'm glad we have something new we can do together!


Sharon said...

The shawl looks beautiful. For the sweater, I vote for the Jo Sharp. My kids leave for two-week camp tomorrow (Air/Louise--reform Jewish camp), so there has been nothing but labeling, packing, and buying last minute items all weekend.

Loren T said...


Is this the first time your kids have gone away for two weeks, or are you and they old hands at this? Where is the camp?

If my kids were going away for two weeks, I'd be planning romantic dinners for two with Mr. T, perhaps even a weekend trip! But then, knowing him, work would be too busy and we'd end up doing the same old thing. And also, knowing me, I'd freak out at how quiet things were without the boys.

Hope you and the kids enjoy the next two weeks!

Scott T. said...

Romantic dinners, really? I can have those kids gone in less than 24 hours. In fact, my operatives have been dispatched already. ;-)

Tennis was fun. What the gentle Madam Loren didn't describe was how her stomach was unsettled from dinner, so when I hit one at her fairly solidly (I had at best moderate control, having not hit a tennis ball in over 15 years), she yelled at me that she didn't feel well, and this was just for fun, etc, etc. However, she then proceeded to put a couple of careful passing shots on the line, and suddenly she felt well enough to yell "in" "take that" "hah."

Loren T said...

Scott, did you hear Jr. Jr's comment when that happened? He said, "And the pretty girl's got game!" or something similar. The "pretty girl" part was definitely part of the quote. He cracks me up.

Scott T. said...

didn't hear it, but don't doubt it. Sounds like him.

kippi said...

I love it that you are talking to each other via the blog. Hilarious.

Your boys would probably love sleep away camp.

I vote for the Jo Sharp as well. It was my choice before I read the description so I hope it works as you wish it to. The shawl is gorgeous. Love, love, love the color.

Competitive women are awesome.