Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morning Edition

I don't usually post in the morning, but I have a feeling we'll be at the pool all afternoon, and then by the time I get Sr. Jr. from camp, make dinner, and get everyone and everything cleaned up, it'll be bedtime :)

This week Sr. Jr. is doing his Adventure Links camp. He loves this camp! Every day they do something different at different parks in the area. Monday was rock climbing day. Yesterday they went caving (messy!). Tomorrow they go sailing on the Chesapeake, then camp out and spend the next day mountain biking. How cool does that sound? Next year he'll be old enough to spend a week away at their overnight camp, as he reminds me almost daily.

Jr. Jr. and I are home together. Mostly, we've been quite lazy, but today it's supposed to be near 100 degrees F, so we'll head to the pool.

I finally managed to get the Gathered Pullover started without twisting. I made a knitted-in hem for the bottoms, and then I'm slowly decreasing up to the bust, to make a more swingy, A-line shape.

Here's a slightly more close up (but somewhat washed out) picture of the hem:

I love the rich, tweedy goodness of this yarn. It's Jo Sharp Silkroad DK, a blend of wool, silk, and cashmere. It softens up a lot after washing.

This is perfect for me right now -- a lot of mindless stockinette in the round, with some added cabley interest, leading to a nice looking sweater at the end. (In fact, I think I knit something very similar last summer at this time, but that didn't quite work out. I might need to revisit that pattern, too...)

Last week I got the latest Socks that Rock sock club shipment. I admit to not really liking the last installment. I started the toe and decided I didn't like knitting the pattern and I wasn't thrilled with the colorway, so it's been sitting ever since. But this latest installment is really nice. The yarn is called "Goody Goody," and it's Sweet Tart colors. Tina even included some Sweet Tarts with the yarn :) The pattern is a really pretty leaf pattern. So far, this is my favorite of all the shipments so far.

I'm almost to the heel on the Thelonious sock. As soon as I finish it, I'll start the STR sock.

I'm also thinking ahead to that part of Fall where it's crisp and cool, but not cold. I've never been a sweater vest kinda girl, but right now I'm craving one. I'm envisioning how it can fit in my wardrobe. (I have plans next week for a day of shopping and lunch with a friend while both boys are at camp, so I'm doing a lot of wardrobe envisioning right now.)

I have some vintage Annabel Fox yarn down in the stash closet (remember her? whatever happened to her? I loved her designs). It's a nice dark brown tweed that would make a fantastic cabled vest. Designing a cabled vest would take a lot less energy than designing a whole sweater... Knitting would probably be pretty quick, too... Must. Maintain. Control. Will. Not. Start. This. Now.

Next week my peripatetic brother drops in. He produces documentary films, and will be in town to interview an expert from Canada who will himself be in town for a conference. They've decided to use my living room to film, rather than a hotel, so I need to get it straightened up. I guess I also need to straighten up the guest/stash/blocking room, too.

Hybrid Question

Mr. T and I are mulling over what kind of car to get next. I'm quite interested in getting a hybrid, but a Prius is too small for us. I routinely haul around a lot of kids, bikes, sports equipment, etc. There are some larger hybrids, like the Highlander, which get significantly better mileage than their non-hybrid counterparts. But Mr. T has some concerns and questions that we can't seem to get a clear answer on, so I thought I'd see if any of you have input or experience you could share.

Mr. T is concerned that there are corresponding downsides to hybrids, like battery life/disposal/ and replacement; resale value because of that; and repair costs. If anyone can provide us with some good information, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Scott T. said...

Mr. T is just a cheap bastard. Make him buy you what ever car you want.

favorite moments from the entry:
"rich, tweedy goodness"
"swinging, A-Line"
"Rainbow of Pain" (whoops, that was in an e-mail)

Don't forget the humidity. It was so humid this morning that my hands were soaking and I could barely use the shifting levers on my bike, and my clothes and gloves are soaked like I had ridden in the rain. I've got to figure a way to get them to dry because I can assure you that putting on cold moist shorts/shirt in the evening to ride home is icky feeling (even though they will immediately become drenched again outside).