Monday, August 4, 2008

Cables & Tweed

I love cables knitted in tweedy yarn.

Automatically makes me think of crisp fall nights. I'm almost to the part in the Gathered Pullover pattern where I separate for the armholes, so it's going quickly. Stockinette in the round usually does.

I've also turned the heel on the Thelonious socks. I really like these socks. As soon as I finish them, I'll start the new STR sock club socks.

This week both boys are at tennis camp. Normally I would enjoy this time to myself, but like I mentioned earlier, my brother is planning to film an interview in the house, so I've got to get it straightened up and in visitor condition, plus filming will kill a day, and then another day is given up to shopping with a friend. Not a terrible imposition, clearly, but given that this is my only kid-free time this summer, it means that I won't get as much knitting done as I'd like, and I certainly won't get that spinning wheel going, either.

Last week Sr. Jr. was at his Adventure Links camp. On Thursday, they were supposed to go sailing on the Chesapeake, then camp out and go mountain biking on Friday. There was no wind on Thursday, so they went kayaking instead. He still had an amazing time. When he got home on Friday, he went straight upstairs to take a shower, then we spent about an hour de-ticking him. We pulled at least 15 ticks off his body, even from the underside of one of his toes. I'm keeping an eye on him to see if he gets sick, but so far he's doing fine. We know one boy who's been dealing with Lyme disease for a year now, and it doesn't look like fun.

We also went ahead and got Sr. Jr. a cell phone. I resisted this for a while, but now that he's more independent, I think it's nice for him to have. The principal at his middle school even recommends that kids get one before school starts. This way, he can call from school to tell me that he's going to a friend's house, or I can call him when he's at the pool and I want him to come home. Part of me still feels it's ridiculous for an eleven year old boy to have a cell phone, but I'll just have to suck it up.

He, of course, is acting all macho and grown up. He's feverishly planning what ringtones to get. Oy.


kippi said...

HA HA HA. Funny stuff about the cell phone.

Love the sweater! You are really knitting this one quickly. It is quite beautiful in the tweed.

I'm almost done with the purple str sock. I like the pattern. This one I'm bound and determined to get on Ravelry.

Sorry you don't get much alone time, but enjoy the brother time.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous sweater!

Sharon said...

Love the sweater, too. Definitely my style. Yes, we broke down and got the soon-to-be middle schooler a cell phone too. She likes the "idea" of it more than the reality--which mostly means not answering it when I arbitrarily call to make sure she knows she HAS to answer it!

We have a full house this week--my husband's Czech grandchildren (7 and 11); work is crazy; my son started high school (TJ) cross country practices yesterday; and my daughter and I head to Disney World (to meet up with my college roomate and her son--from London!) on Friday. I find myself in my free time supervising little girls in their crocheting efforts. Sigh.

Loren T said...


Sounds like it's a nice busy, rather than a PITA busy. Sr. Jr. has been using his phone mainly to play games and take pictures. He was very excited when his dad called to tell him to tell me something :)

I can't remember how old you said your son was -- is this his first year at TJ? If not, how does he like it? How do you like it? I've considered whether Sr. Jr. should apply, but I'm concerned about the pressure and the workload.

Have a great time at Disney World! It's a hot time of year to be there.

Sharon said...

Loren: My son will be a freshman at TJ this year. He breezed through elementary and middle school, so it will be interesting to see how he handles what I'm sure will be a demanding workload. I'll keep you posted.

At some point we'll have to compare notes---a number of my daughter's friends from Ashlawn will be at Swanson starting next year, so I'm sure your son will cross paths with them. A dear friend of hers (since birth) is Alex Saenz who also plays baseball. You might have run across him already.

The crochet lessons are time well spent, but projects are languishing. I'm working on some lace dresser scarves for my sister (specially ordered) which are nice, light projects to carry around.

Cute about your husband calling your son. My daughter's sense of self importance soared when she got that phone!