Thursday, August 7, 2008


I don't have much time to blog today -- spending most of the day with a friend, then I have to get the boys, clean up the mess in the house from yesterday, then run off into the city to pick up Mr. T to go to a work function. So here's a quick peek at my progress on the Gathered Pullover:

I'm finished with the front and I've started the back. I hope this fits nicely. The fit is highly dependent on the placement of the cable motif, which draws the fabric in around the bust. So I'll just cross my fingers and wait.

Yesterday my brother was here, filming an interview for a documentary with an expert who was himself in town for a conference. We had originally discussed having the filming take place in the living room, which was pristine. When they got here, they decided to film in the family room which was, well, um, not pristine. That's the room we live and play in, so it has all my knitting and spinning projects, as well as a ton of magazines and Legos, etc. Somehow they managed to push stuff aside to get a clean shot. But now I have to get it all cleaned up and rearranged.

After a couple of days of intractable headaches, I took some allergy medicine. It helped the headaches, but left me feeling tired and woogly-headed. Even now, at 10 am, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and go to sleep. I can't imagine that I'll be sparkling with wit and charm this evening, either. Oh, well.

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Firefly Nights said...

Your pullover looks really nice. Cables aren't something I've attempted yet.