Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures of Knitting, Not Kids!

As much as I adore my kids, I do recognize that this is a knitting blog, and people come here for the yarny goodness. I said at the beginning of the summer that it would be a bit knitting-lite around here for a while, and it was. While I'm sure that my putt-putt pictures were enthralling, I'm pleased to announce that I have officially finished the Thelonious socks:

Specs: Pattern, linked above, by the amazing Cookie A. Yarn: Shibuiknits sock, Peony colorway. I love the yarn. In the skein, it looked like a semi-solid. I didn't expect it to be as stripey as it turned out, but the colors are subtle enough that they don't compete with the pattern. In person, the contrast is more subdued. The pattern itself was a pleasure to knit, both in terms of the knitting and in terms of the quality of the pattern writing. I modified the sock a bit by extending the motif so that the two lace panels meet up on the top of the sock, just for shits and giggles. I like the sock my way, and as written.

I also started the latest installment of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock club, the Gumdrop sock, in STR lightweight, Goody Goody color. Here's the front view:

Here's a view of the side, where, if the picture were a bit clearer, you could see how the motif grows diagonally:

This pattern is also fun to knit. Clearly, it's going pretty quickly. It's written with a garter stitch short row heel, because the sock looks good inside out, too, apparently. I'm not sure I'll use the garter stitch heel as written, or convert it to stockinette. I don't think I'd wear the sock the other way around, so I prefer to stick with a less bulky stockinette heel. I may change my mind when I get there. Who knows?

I'm perilously close to finishing the second sleeve on the Flutter Sleeve cardi, as well. If I actually get some time this weekend, I could get it blocked, and possibly sewn up. I'm not holding my breath.

The hurricane ended up hitting land south of where my MIL lives, so they didn't even get any rain. However, it's supposed to cross over Florida, then turn back and go west over northern Florida/southern Georgia, where my SIL lives. We're still in a holding pattern, therefore.

Coming up Thursday, another special birthday! (no knitting content, for those of you planning ahead)


Scott T. said...

I thought this was a blog about your sexy, powerful, brilliant, funny, and sexy husband. Really, that's what the people want to hear about.

Nice toe point on the first picture, very straight line, but the judges will probably deduct a tenth because of the slight separation of the feet.

Anonymous said...

Love the Thelonius and the subtle striping. I still have only a Thelonii. So Sad and lonely.

Your STR sock is fantastic. Hope you keep putting up progress photos. Are you making two at a time? How is the fit?

Scott must be thinking about your other blog. :-)

For some reason blogger won't let me sign in so I have to go anonymous.