Monday, August 11, 2008

Curb Your Enthusiasm

It's a sleeve! Whee! I can hardly contain myself. Well, I guess I can.

One sleeve, a little seaming, and a neckband to go. I'll probably get at least the sleeve done this week. My MIL and her boyfriend are coming to visit this weekend, and they will be occupying my blocking/guest room, so I couldn't get this thing wrapped up until after that anyway. I'm enjoying this knit, with the luxury of the yarn, the meditative aspect of stockinette in the round, the fun of the little cable panel.

Firefly Nights commented on my last post that she hadn't tried cables yet. You should absolutely give it a whirl. It's remarkably easy and fun to do. I remember, back in the Dark Ages (b.i. -- before internet) when I was teaching myself how to knit, cables scared me. But I was so inspired by all the beautiful cables in the Barbara Walker treasuries that I had to try it. After that first cable twist, it was like the light of heaven shone on me, with a choir of angels singing in my head. OK, maybe not that dramatic. But I immediately designed a beautiful cabled sweater for my mother. It was in a light grey heather Lopi, with just the cast on and bind off done in a contrasting navy. I'm not sure she ever wore it, but I did find it in a drawer after she died. I hadn't thought about that sweater in years, but it stood the test of time. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a good 5 inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than she was, I'd have taken it back for myself.

This yarn diet thing is beginning to get to me, especially now that I'm starting to think of the Fall wardrobe. I want to go buy more yummy tweedy yarns! Some people go shopping for back to school supplies, I lust for yarn.

Speaking of back to school, I'm amazed that it's almost the middle of August and I haven't seen a single back to school ad! For the past couple of years, the ads would start in July. Now, not a peep. Moreover, when my friend and I went shopping last week, we couldn't believe that all the summer stuff was still out. There was hardly any Fall stuff at all. Is this a function of the economy? Are retailers doing so poorly that they don't want to bring stuff out early and pay to promote it because no one's shopping?

I got the Fall IK at the end of last week, too. There are some very pretty sweaters and socks in this issue. The Bacchus socks are a definite must. I also liked the Sidelines Top, the Whisper Stripe Pullover, and the Abigail Tee.

Sporting Events

We went to see the Legg Mason tennis tournament this weekend. The weather was beautiful, which is rare for Washington in August. In years past, Andre Agassi would be so overcome by the heat at Legg Mason that he'd throw up in the courtside planters between games. We watched all or most of 4 matches. They were all qualifying matches with players we'd never heard of, but it was fun for the boys to see their newfound skills taken to such a high level. Plus, they got lots of autographs. And I got to watch shirtless guys on the practice court. What more could you ask for?

I normally give Olympic opening ceremonies a wide berth. I most cases, I find them to be pretty ridiculous spectacles. So you can imagine how surprised I was to be absolutely riveted by this year's opening ceremonies. Instead of being a spectacle, it was spectacular :) The choreography, the music, the dancing, the blending of Chinese tradition with modern technology -- astounding. It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.

Added Later

Someone on Ravelry posted a link to a site that lets you figure out what song was #1 on the charts the day you were born. I love mine! It's "Respect," by Aretha Franklin :)


Firefly Nights said...

It's not that I'm scared of doing cables. When I learned to knit I had the instructor demo them for me and I'm sure I have detailed instructions on one of my knitting DVDs. I just don't seem to be a cable person. I like the way you used them in the sweater you did so I think I'd try them as that sort of an accent.

But, one of my friends has started on a LONG sweater with cables everywhere and it just isn't for me.

Tried socks once and didn't bond with them either. I'll eventually do socks again, but I prefer shawls. That's one of the nice things about knitting. A dozen people can be "knitting" and nothing will look alike.

Loren T said...

Very true, Firefly. And even if one isn't interested in knitting something for oneself, one can always appreciate the worksmanship of another.

Sorry if I misinterpreted your comment; when you said you hadn't attempted cables yet, it sounded to me like you were interested but hadn't gotten to it yet.

kippi said...

Hey, I don't like cables! I can never get it right, whether it should be a front cable or a back one. I think it is because I'm still enamored with the basics that the extra stuff just seems, well, extra.

Good for you staying on your yarn diet. I've been lucky that each time I've wanted to venture out, it happened on a day where my LYS was closed. :-)

We have school supplies everywhere here. And Fall stuff too. Weird, because we don't really have a Fall in the traditional sense. Maybe they sent the stuff to the wrong state.

It is hotter than blazes here. Seriously hot. 105 hot. YUCK.

I did start the second purple sock AND am at the heel. Must be some sort of miracle happenin' around here.

ps I like your sleeve. :-) Can't wait to see it all put together.