Monday, January 26, 2009

Done, Done, Undone, Undone

I got some stuff finished up this weekend.

I have a cool picture of Madli's Shawl to show off:

Mr. T took some picture of me wearing the shawl this weekend, but none of them were great. Also, I think I accidentally deleted them from my camera, thinking I had already uploaded them. I guess that just gives us an opportunity to take some better pictures.

Also in the FO category is the Ingeborg II doily:

I used Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton 2 and size 0 needles. My thoughts on this are mixed. I like the way it turned out overall, but, boy, do I dislike knitting with cotton. On one row there was a K5tog that was particularly difficult to execute. I missed the give and bounce of wool. I think my center is a little wonky, too. I think my next one will be in wool.

As for the Twisted Tweed socks, here they are:

Yup. Ripped 'em out. I didn't like them that much. The yarn is way too nice to waste on socks I'm not really going to wear, so I'd rather rip out the socks and redo them in plain stockinette. No biggee.

Also in the "undone" category -- me after trying to figure out how to do the Alpine Frost crochet scarf from the Winter Interweave Crochet. Part of the problem, I think, was using the wrong yarn. I was using a lightly twisted lace yarn that kind of came untwisted as I was working with it. I wasn't sure if I was doing the pattern right, either. I suspect that the pattern won't be hard once I figure it out, but that's not coming too easily right now.

We had a lovely birthday weekend, with yummy dinners and an exciting basketball game (double overtime!)

And a special Happy Birthday to Kippi!


Scott T. said...

Loren enjoyed the basketball game particularly because (a)she wasn't at it, and (b) it went into double overtime, so her "3 boys" left her more quiet time to knit ;-)

Sharon said...

Happy belated birthday to Jr. Jr. What a cutie!

I'm glad you got some knitting time and that the boys got their game time. What a cool picture of the shawl--it really is stunning. And the doily is beautiful--it looks so intricate. I can't even imagine knitting a doily, as much as I love to crochet them. I'm fascinated by how different doilies look knitted vs. crocheted. It's such a different effect.

I took the day off from work and spent a lovely day with my son, who as a Fairfax Co. student did not have school today. A wonderful mother-son bonding day, just the two of us!

Stay warm and here's to hoping for SNOW!

Happy Birthday to Kippi too.

Loren T said...

Fairfax had no school today? I guess that explains the school-age kids I saw in Pietanza at lunchtime. I'm glad you had a nice mother-son day. Those are the best. Rare, and worthy of savoring.

Thanks for the doily compliments. Knitted and crocheted doilies are so different. I'm hoping to become a decent enough crocheter to do some doilies. I imagine it's a bit less fiddly to crochet one than to knit one.

Jeanne said...

That is a great picture of the shawl! The doily is amazing - just beautiful! Sounds like you had a great weekend...

kippi said...

GORGEOUS. Seriously that shawl is mouth watering gorgeous. I am always amazed at the difference between lace unblocked and blocked. wow.

Love that doily pattern. Yah, that cotton can be kind of rough on the hands sometimes, especially with such tiny needles, but the outcome is great.

YAY for the bravery to rip out the socks. I agree, the yarn was lost in that pattern. After you do the plain socks, will you put the two photos together so we can see them side by side?

thanks for the birthday greetings! mine was GREAT.

kippi said...

oh, speaking of tiny needles.

go to: click on the house.

click on coraline's room, then click on her vanity and watch the mini movie of the lady knitting Coraline's sweater. I totally want to do this!

Sharon said...

That was an amazing book--my kids and I all read it and can't wait to see the movie.

Sharon said...

That was an amazing book--my kids and I all read it and can't wait to see the movie.

Loren T said...

I loved that book. J said it creeped him out. Personally, I can't wait to read The Graveyard Book -- which just one the Newberry Medal.