Monday, January 12, 2009


Warning: cranky blog post

It was a bad week. And a worse weekend. Sick kid, missing Wollmeise sock updates, even though I was really on top of things, little knitting time, bad knitting karma, feeling generally unappreciated, bleah. I suppose it could have been worse, but that would have involved things like car accidents, heart attacks, or tornados.

I did finish Madli's Shawl. Kind of. Almost. And then I unfinished it. I had the lower border and the main part all done, including two extra repeats for a bit of extra length. I had the upper border finished, too. I even got about 9/10ths of the way through grafting the two together. And it wasn't pleasant, either. The stupid yarn kept tangling up on me. Then I discovered that I had more stitches on one needle than on the other. That'll teach me not to attempt such a complicated operation when everyone's home.

I tried to unpick the graft, stitch by stitch, but again, everyone was home. So I sacrificed the border and managed to save all the main body stitches. Now I need to re-knit the border and somehow find enough alone time to graft the two together. This time I'm also going to place markers every ten stitches on both needles, so that if I go wrong, I can catch it earlier.

Here are some pictures of where the shawl stands:

As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to cast on for the border. Again. Hopefully for the last time.

I also fell off the yarn diet a little bit :) Etsy seller Squoosh has some gorgeous yarns! I got one skein of sock yarn and one skein of silk lace yarn. Check her out. Go. I'll wait.

Here are some predictably bad photos of her yarn, one with flash, one without:

Thanks for indulging my crankiness. Hopefully, I'll get the shawl finished without incident and get it blocked sometime this week, and the blog can go back to its normal state of being.


kippi said...

so sorry to hear about your bad week! it's all up from here though, right?

yarn is lovely. Shawl is gorgeous.

so did you end up getting the Wollmeise you wanted after all?

Is your son feeling better now?

Scott T. said...

The shawl looks great. Sorry about the f-up with the Wollmeise. We'll give you room to work this weekend for sure.

Sharon said...

I've been wondering how you've been. It must have been that full moon--I was cranky too all weekend, and feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated by everyone in my home. As an Rx, I started an incredibly complex doily, which I'm about 2/3 done with. It's cheaper than therapy. Everyone at home is still tiptoeing around me though, after my mini-nervous breakdown on Sunday afternoon (well, except for Samantha! She could care less if I'm stressed out, as long as it doesn't interfere with her day! :-) )

Hope you have a better week. The shawl looks sumptuous. Lovely lace work indeed.

Loren T said...

Maybe it's something in Arlington's water, Sharon. I'm sorry to hear you were in the same frame of mind. I want to start a new doily as soon as this shawl is done. I think I'll have enough of this yarn left over to get at least one doily finished. I hope you have a better week, too.

Are you going to try to go downtown for the inauguration? I'm not even going to think about it. Warm home, high-def tv will do fine for me :)

Sharon said...

My inauguration plans are identical to yours--I want it cold enough to be able to keep a fire going all day and just crochet or knit on the couch and watch the events on TV. With a pot of soup on the stove. Stay warm this week--the arctic chill arrives tonight.