Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slightly Late Year-End Wrap-Up

I've finished repeat #23 of 31 on Madli's Shawl. At the rate I'm going, it'll be June before this thing is finished. I won't foist another identical in-progress photo on you.

Instead, I present to you the First Annual SLWY Year-End Round-Up (TM). Between the blog and Ravelry, I have a convenient and handy compilation of what I've done.

I started off the year with a blocked Flower Basket shawl and a newly started Miss Lambert's Shawl. (Those projects seem like they were knitted forever ago!) I'm ending it with Madli's Shawl. I think I've knitted more lace this year than ever before.

Favorite Sweater FO of 2008: Gathered Pullover, without a doubt:


This is my new go-to sweater. It fits perfectly and goes with just about everything.

Favorite Vest FO of 2008: the Back to School Vest:


This just happens to be the only vest I've ever knitted, but I'm very happy with it.

Favorite Socks of 2008: The Deco Socks:


Favorite Lace of 2008: This one's tough. I really enjoyed knitting Star of Evening, by Anne Hanson. But the ones I wear most are my little Flower Basket scarf and Miss Lambert's shawl:

(Star of Evening)

(Miss Lambert's)

(Flower Basket)

Biggest Disappointment of 2008: Socks the Rock Sock Club. Out of all the patterns and yarns that were part of the club this year, I only liked two, and one I haven't even knit up yet. I think I've worn one pair, one time. I'm not a huge fan of STR to begin with, which should have been a clue, but I liked some of the previous offerings. Not rejoining.

Biggest Waste of Time of 2008: Spring Sweaters. I knit two this year, the Dayflower Lace Camisole and the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan. (I also finished up a tank from the year before.) I've never worn either one. I just don't have use for light sweaters.

Biggest Treat of 2008: My Mommy Vacation. No question about that. It was rejuvenating and productive. Heavenly. Amazing. Second Runner Up: Chocolates from Artisan Confections.

Favorite Book of 2008: This is a hard one to narrow down. I think I can narrow it down to an author, though: Maggie O'Farrell. She was a new discovery this year, one I look forward to hearing more from in the future.

Looking ahead to what I hope to accomplish for 2009 is more difficult. The reality of the new school schedule is that I have less time to do things than I did before, a reality to which I've been having a hard time adjusting. I'd like to get back into my exercise routine, which will inevitably cut down on my knitting time. I'd like to spin some more. I'd like to improve my crochet skills. I'd like to do more of my own designing. Problem is, there's little likelihood of me accomplishing all of that, or accomplishing all of that on a sustainable basis. So I'll probably muddle through, much like I've done so far, without as much of a sense of accomplishment as I'd like. But I will have some pretty finished objects; I will have read some great books; we'll have taken a wonderful and memorable vacation; the kids will grow, change, make me laugh, and make me pull out my hair; and another year will pass. That's not too bad, after all :)

Next: Hippo poo!


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous projects - all of them are so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful 2009!

kippi said...

WOW! what a beautiful way to recap the year. We should start some sort of 2009 exercise accountability/support group. or patent a safe way to knit and walk on the treadmill at the same time.

Happy 2009.