Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homespun, Handknit

It's getting chillier here, finally. This morning I broke out the first handknits of the season: a pair of socks and a vest. On Saturday morning, I sat with my hands shoved up in my sleeves at Jr. Jr's soccer game, thinking that fingerless mitts would be just right for this time of year. And I had that cushy but messy handspun at home...

These whip up very quickly. Unfortunately, fat cat decided to sit down on my yarn last night, so I couldn't finish the second one in time for this morning's bus stop trip. The pattern is Vancouver Fog, and they're just right. The handspun may look very rough, but it's cushy and warm.

I finished my next handspun project, too. I took this fiber from Squoosh:

and turned it into this:

It's better than the last spin, but the spinning is still not where I want it to be. But the more I do it, the better and more consistent it gets. It's a busy week, with stuff I need to be in school for, plus a 5-day weekend made up of conference days and Columbus Day. But I will try to sneak some more spinning in there if I can.

I also finished up the second sleeve for Hallett's Ledge. I'm using those needles now for the Vancouver Fog mitts, but when I'm done, I'll do the collar and button bands for Hallett and then I can block it and sew in the sleeves. It'll be my first sweater of the season! I hope it fits.

Then I can turn my attention back to Paper Crane and get that done, too.

I'm already pondering what to knit next...


Sharon said...

Wow--beautiful spinning work.

Loren T said...

Thanks Sharon! How was the bat mitzvah? Have you come down yet?

kippi said...

Beautiful! You are such an awesome cable knitter.