Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweater Weather

Hallett's Ledge is done, blocked, dried, off the board, and in the armoire. I took advantage of the cooler weather to try to get some good shots of both it and my Pas de Valse, which I finished a while ago.

Here are some Hallett shots:

The cat was complaining that we just weren't paying enough attention to her.

Hallett's Ledge was great knitting. I had no problems with the pattern. It went quickly but held my interest.

Here's Pas de Valse:

I think both sweaters are serviceable, but I'm not in love with either of them. I feel a disturbance in my sweater force. I used to make sweaters that I loved (still love) and wear all the time. I feel like I haven't made a sweater that really makes me happy in a long time. If Paper Crane disappoints, I'll be very sad. I'd like to finish that soon, so I can get on to some other patterns in the queue, hopefully ones that I'll like.

I did also finish the first of my Vintage socks:

I love these socks and I love this yarn. I got my sock club and fiber club installments on Tuesday and I love them both. I'm not posting pictures out of respect for Kippi, who hasn't received hers yet.

So, back to Paper Crane sleeves...


Ro said...

Hallett's looks wonderful on you! Wonder why you don't 'feel the love'?

Sharon said...

These are so gorgeous and beautifully made that I feel humbled! Your work is perfection, Loren.

Still reeling from the bat mitzvah. Whose idea was this in the first place?

Loren T said...

Thanks, guys!

Sharon, I pm'd you on Ravelry.

Scott T. said...

love the socks; hate the pink pas d whatever. Hallett is ok