Friday, December 21, 2007

Can the Holiday Rush Please Stop Now?

It's Friday, the kids are officially out of school for Winter Break, and the only other party we have to go to isn't until New Year's Eve. Phew. (Well, there's the day-after Christmas dinner with the in-laws, but that doesn't really count.) After school parties, work parties, playgroup parties, birthday parties, open houses, and just plain getting ready for the holidays, I'm beat. Plus I'm fighting something that's wearing me down.

I'm looking forward to some low-key time. I'd like to do some baking with the kids, maybe catch a movie, go out to dinner, and just relax. Hey, maybe I'll get to knit for the first time in ages! What a novel concept.

I'm sorry that I don't have much more to say, but it's been one of those weeks. The aforementioned parties, a couple of doctor appointments for me and Sr. Jr., and there goes the whole week. I don't even have anything interesting to say about current events.

I'd like to say hi to Kippi, who's commented here before. Since you don't leave an email addy with your comment, I can't get back to you directly, so I try to respond in the comments section. But welcome! It's nice to have you here. If there's anyone else out there who's reading this, please say hi.

Finally, some cute kiddy kraft stuff. This is Jr. Jr.'s "gingerbread" house, made today at school:

And here's the cutie pie himself, digging in:

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