Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Snowy Afternoon

It's snowing here in the greater DC Metro area, which means that people are freaking out, traffic is asnarl, and schools are closing early. We're only projected to get, at most, 2 inches. Yup, 2 inches. But the stores are already out of milk and toilet paper, because the DC area just can't handle a few flakes of snow. It's early release day for the boys, so I made them some hot chocolate. We can look forward to a nice day of indoor activities, until the fighting begins. Any bets on how long that will be?
I've made some progress on Autumn Rose, and now I must stop. I haven't yet gotten the extra balls of yarn that I need to finish it up, so it's stuck here --

until I get the yarn. Looks like a pile of crap, doesn't it? Blocking will help, of course. Hopefully, the yarn will get here tomorrow. I can work on my neglected Milkmaid's stockings until the yarn arrives, but it's just not as satisfying. This has been a fun sweater to knit. Fair Isle in the round can be very relaxing.

Got good news from the doctor yesterday, so some of my irrational health fears have been dissipated. I feel much more relaxed. Plus, my absolutely wonderful, loving, strikingly handsome, muscular, brilliant, and witty husband gave me this for Hanukah:

It's from around 1900, and it's beeee-yooo-ti-ful. Him? He got sweatpants. (And a new mountain bike.)


Grammie said...

Second try at leaving a comment! : )

I love the is beautiful...your husband has very good taste!

I am new to your blog...but have enjoyed reading some of your past posts.

Happy Chanukah to you and your family!

Loren T said...

Thanks, Grammie, and welcome! I tried to reply to you directly, but it wouldn't work. Enjoy that beautiful grandbaby!