Friday, December 5, 2008

At Least I've Made a Decision

But that's about all. And believe me, I put almost as much thought into this decision as we did when buying the house. I pored over the pictures on Ravelry; I pondered color; I tried to imagine what I'd like knitting and what I'd like wearing.

I'll leave you in suspense for a little while longer about my choice. In the meantime, I can tell you that the yarn is from my custom order from Yarn Chef. The colorway is called "Malted," but I think it looks more parchment-y. It's a mixture of cream, light tan/brown, and some light pink as well.

It will look beautiful knit up. I have two skeins of this, and I hope it will be enough for the shawl.

I also finished up the first of the Twisted Tweed socks:

It fits beautifully and looks wonderful. However, instead of immediately casting on for the second sock, I finally managed to cast on for the second socklet for my MIL. It's a quick knit, so I can get it done quickly and go back to the TT socks. I figure it's about time for my MIL to get her second pair of socklets.

And yesterday the first of my Sundara sock yarn club shipments arrived:

Mmmm. Pretty. I like these colors a lot.

Now I have lots of inspiration and not a lot of time.

Today was the big "Colonial Fair" at Sr. Jr.'s school. It was the first in-school event that they've had, so it was my first opportunity to see him in action at school. Unfortunately, I was stationed in the library, while he was in the science room, but I saw him when he visited our station ("Maryland") and then he pulled me along to see his installation, "Georgia." Middle school has a very different energy than elementary school! I had a good time.

Sorry for the quick post, but I have to go iron the kids' "good" clothes for a thing at temple tonight.


Scott T. said...

wow, the colors look accurate on the sock yarns (at least as I remember them from last night)

Scott T. said...

I have been asked by the management to explain that I clicked "UGH" NOT as an expression of my thoughts on any of the knitting or the post (although I'm not enthralled by the new sock yarn colors) but rather to express my displeasure with being wrong when I thought I'd caught Loren in a spelling typo

kippi said...

ha ha ha. you guys are so funny. blog flirting, too cute.

the shawl will be lovely. there isn't a bad pattern in that book.

finished sock: EXCELLENT.

WOWZER. Sundara has done it again! Her pieces are always beautiful, but that sock yarn is unbelievably fantastic. lucky girl, you.

ironing: ick poo.