Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Catch-Up

We're still picking pieces of wrapping paper out of our hair, sitting here, gorged on cookies and banana bread, wondering how this time flew past so quickly. The boys are happy with their Nerf guns, books, and Guitar Hero. My FIL's wife really seemed to like the Plum Lotus scarf, which was nice.

I've knit a little bit, not a lot, but it's the same lace shawl, only with more repeats. It'd be a bit pointless to take a picture of it, just scroll down and imagine it with another repeat or two :) I've got the toe on the second Twisted Tweed sock done, but I haven't started the patterned part yet. Dull. I know.

Kippi asked if I'm starting to think about what to knit once the shawl is done. Well, yes, but I'm trying not to! I'm a little over halfway done with the shawl, so it's at that boring, trudging along point where I can easily be distracted away from finishing it. Thus, I am trying to stay away from any additional sources of inspiration. (I admit, however, that I am thinking of revisiting a pattern that was an epic fail for me pre-blog. If I decide to re-knit it, you'll hear all about my idiocy in wrecking the sweater. Experience is no hedge against stupidity. [See, e.g., Wall Street.] The pattern is somewhere in the house, but I refuse to go look for it. No siree, no how.)

In the meantime, we're trying to enjoy our brief spurt of warmer weather before it disappears again. Mr. T and Sr. Jr. rode up the C & O Canal Towpath this morning, up to Great Falls, which looked pretty ferocious from all the recent wet weather. Here are some shots they took via cell phone:

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing post-holiday break.


Scott T. said...

We went from the Chain Bridge, which is listed as Mile 4, to Great Falls overlook, which is mile 14 then back. Too bad it was overcast. Lots of people out

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a nice holiday! Good luck with the shawl - and great pictures!

kippi said...

love the photos. that looks like a great ride.

Seriously cannot wait to hear the sweater story. You know I've had my share of sweater mess ups and it makes me feel better knowing that you, the wonder knitter, have had some as well.

Guitar Hero is great fun, hope you are playing as well. It is harder than it looks. Or maybe that is just me.

Sharon said...

Cute boy! I was dying to get on my bike on Sunday, but ended up getting in a swim at W&L and then driving to Vienna--to Uniquities-- to see what the sale had to offer. Not much really. I bought some S. Charles Ritratto (that was not on sale) to make a lacy moebius shawl, but also some Berroco Bonsai that was on sale. I'm not sure what I'll do with the Bonsai.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy New Year!!!

Loren T said...


I wanted to go for a bike ride on Sunday, too. I also wanted to go to Uniquities on Sunday, just to breath in the yarn fumes. I was feeling some withdrawal pangs. But, remembering my yarn diet, I stayed away. What lace moebius pattern are you considering?

Happy New Year to you, too!