Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Case You Missed Your Daily Dose of Cute

(Photo by Kevin Dillard at Demoncats.)

This is Jr. Jr. with Mr. T at the bike race last weekend.

Here he is, as "Santa Claus, the Christmas Pirate." I know I'm his mom, but isn't he just adorable?

Madli's Shawl looks like it looked last time, only one repeat longer. In an earlier post, I talked about not liking the cast on. At one point, I set aside the edging that I'd already done and cast on for the second edging, figuring that I could either use it if the cast on looked nicer, or save it to use with the shawl if it looked the same. This time, I cast on tighter, hoping that I could do away with the little loopy parts of the knitted-on cast on edge. No luck. I still had the extra loops, but now the cast-on edge was too tight, so I scrapped it. I'll just live with it. Next time, I'll use the tried and true cast on. I don't usually have any trouble with it.

I ran out this morning to do a little holiday shopping. I got a couple of things the kids will like. Toys 'R Us didn't have one of the games I was looking for, so I stopped off at Target on the way home. They didn't have it either, but that was ok, because I needed to get the boys some new socks anyway.

Target was nearly cleaned out of boys' socks! I hope that kids aren't just getting socks for the holidays this year :(


Scott T. said...

yeah, that kid on the left is kinda cute too.

credit for the photo should go to Kevin Dillard at www.demoncats.com

kippi said...

that is a major dose of cuteness. :-)

Love the Christmas pirate!