Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dashing Through

It's that busy time of year, with shopping to do, parties to go to, dresses to shop for, ridiculous school projects to shop for, etc. We got a note home yesterday from Jr. Jr.'s teacher that they were going to work on a special holiday craft project, so could we please send in about a square yard of holiday-themed fabric, cut into strips? Great. So to add to all the other things I need to do at this time of year, I need to go find holiday-themed fabric??? Do they make Chanukah fabrics??? How dorky will it be if my kid makes a freaking wreath with Chanukah fabric? Cranky-making this is.

Call me Grinchy, I don't care. I can't wait for January.

There's only little bits of knitting, here and there, in between things, but I've gotten a couple of repeats done on Madli's Shawl. The pattern is really quite simple. In fact, it would be downright boring if it weren't for the two nupp rows per repeat. It looks really nice, even in its unblocked state. I can't wait to see the finished product. Here are some pictures:

This morning I'm off to our playgroup holiday gathering, so I apologize for not having more to say. Next time, I hope :)


kippi said...

yes, virginia they do make Chanukah fabric. I have/had some. Totally agreed, what weird timing on the teacher's part.

Just yesterday I asked if we could cancel the holidays due to lack of interest. It's all too much really, isn't it? We do home made gifts around here these days. It has made the holidays much more enjoyable.

your lace is phenomenal. Seriously, that is going to be unbelievably gorgeous.

Are you going to a fancy holiday shindig? The Mr. should wear a tuxedo.

Sharon said...

Beautiful lace pattern. It will be just lovely.

Unbelieveably busy here too--as well as at work. My parents are coming in this weekend, so I'm planning lots of food and trying to remove the clutter from all over the house. Ugh.

I just want the kids to be on break so I don't have to drive all over NoVa during rush hour(s). I need some down time!



Loren T said...

Sharon! I wondered if you were swamped with work and holiday stuff.

Is it awful that I'm glad it's raining today so afternoon sports will be canceled and we can just STAY HOME?

Have a great weekend with your parents.