Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hilton Head, Part 2

Here we are at the fireworks that are held every Tuesday evening. Straight from the beach, so no makeup, still with the sunscreen, hair up, looking very au naturel:

Golf action shots! Here's Sr. Jr., chipping onto the green:

This is my favorite, a golf-mag worthy action shot of Jr. Jr. hitting out of the sand:

The obligatory wildlife photos:

These are the Baynard ruins, the remains of a plantation that was destroyed during the Civil War. We biked up there and poked around. It was interesting, and strange to think of all that must have happened on that spot over the years:

This is the pool at the house we were staying at:

These are a bunch of pics from our evening walk on the beach when the tide was up waaay high and very wild, perhaps from Hurricane Bill way out in the ocean:

Stay tuned for part 3, which has sharks!


kippi said...

You look so tan and rested so I would say vacation was a success!

Love the photos.

Scott T. said...

You look beautiful

Sharon said...

Beautiful beach and family pictures. Thanks for sharing!! Everyone looks relaxed and happy.