Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hilton Head, Part 3, with Sharks!

Friday of our trip was Sr. Jr.'s 12th birthday, so his present was a fishing trip with his father and brother (I bowed out of this one). Here's the birthday boy with the bait fish:

Little brother, psyched to go fishing again:

The first catch, a Bonnet head shark:

Jr. Jr. caught one, too.

Dad got in on the shark-catching action, too.

Jr. Jr. caught the big one of the day. It was almost as tall as he is. He as a bit scared of it, apparently.

Everyone had a great time. All sharks were thrown back to live another day.

The drive home was pretty long and painful, with traffic in North Carolina and the usual black hole of driving between Richmond and Fredericksburg. But we were welcomed home with a rainbow :)

Glad to be home, but the usual grind awaits.

Coming soon -- actual knitting and new landscaping! No more white trash yard.


BarbaraME said...

Great pictures,Loren - it looks like you guys had a great time.

Kathleen said...

the water looks nice and calm...a few years ago, when we went down, Kevin took the kids on a fishing trip and people were getting sick off the boat.

Cameron will be hounding us something fierce if I show him those shark pics! Awesome!

Scott T. said...

Jake's first shark was a Black Tip that somehow he caught by hooking the tail (we think it threw the hook from its mouth but was wrapped in the line so it snagged the tail) which made it dangerous for the guy to unhook because Black Tips are biters with bigger teeth

Kris said...

What a great experience! You didn't want to fry them up for dinner?