Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waiting Rooms (Tim Burton Club spoiler warning)

I've spent a lot of time in waiting rooms recently. Nothing bad - a car inspection here, a child's dentist appointment there, a check on a possibly punctured tire. That's a good amount of sock knitting time, to turn something boring into something good.

Here's my latest sock, a plain toe-up stockinette sock in GothSocks Candy Mountain. I love these yarns in the skein, but this is my first time knitting it up. I love it! It knits up very nicely, soft and sproingy, with lovely stripes:

It's actually a bit longer than that now, after this morning's waiting room stint.

The dyer has a sock club going right now based on Tim Burton movies, and I'm so glad I signed up for this. I liked last month's installment, and this month's, based on Sweeney Todd, is fantastic! It's called How About a Shave? and avert your eyes if you don't want spoilers:

I love how it looks like it's had blood dripped on it. I've got a couple of very sweet Ravelers shopping her booth at Sock Summit for me, too :)

Also on the knitting front, I've cast on for a sweater using some dark blue Wollmeise (Moses). I must be some kind of crazy to be knitting a sweater on size 2 US needles at 7 stitches per inch, especially since I've had to do a lot of math and adjustments to get it to work for the sweater pattern I'm using. It's the Soft Linen Hoodie by Pam Allen:

I'm making it without the hood, because hoods annoy me. I'm also adding a small garter stitch border on the bottom -- you see how the model is holding down the bottom edge of the sweater? I don't want mine to roll up. I thought about doing a stockinette hem, but I didn't think it would work very well with the lace pattern.

Here's mine, as it stands this morning:

We'll see how long this takes me!

The raised veggie bed is in, and I transplanted a bunch of our veggie plants. The broccoli was finished, but I planted some more seeds, which are already sprouting. The grape tomatoes seem to have adjusted pretty well. We got our first red Roma tomato, too! No more bottom rot. The cutest of all is the yellow peppers, which are starting to turn orange:

I love having this bed. This year is obviously not going to create some great harvest (especially since something keeps eating the pole beans), but we'll be up and ready for next year. Sr. Jr. and I have great plans for next summer.

This week and next we are hanging out and relaxing, getting ready for our trip back to Hilton Head Island. This year we're driving, so we can take more stuff. We're staying in the same house we stayed in last year, which was in a really beautiful location, right off the beach. The boys have plans to golf and fish, and one day we'll take a family kayak trip, too. I can't wait!


Scott T. said...

I like the sweater; get a fake fox to protect the veggies; we see them at golf courses, they're hilarious looking

Scott T. said...

oh, and very fetching toe point

Sharon said...

Beautiful socks. That sweater will look marvelous on you. Hilton Head sounds nice. After the past week and 1/2 at work, I'm ready for retirement, never mind the beach at the end of August.

kippi said...

Beautiful! It makes me long for the days of finished projects. :-( Watching you make a sweater on size two needles may or may not alter my decision to make my own. If it ends up taking you a long time then I might have no hope of an actual finished garment.

I love your veggies.