Monday, October 26, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've briefly abandoned my other projects. Briefly. That's all.

Several weeks ago, the book Haapsalu Sall arrived here. It's an Estonian lace book. In Estonian. The lovely Annejeanne (Anneli) arranged to have the book sent to a bunch of us here in the States, working with the European publisher to get them out in batches to middlemen here. It was Ravelry in action at its best.

Not only did Anneli spearhead the purchase and shipment of the books, but she's also undertaken to translate it for us. Anneli translates for a living, but this was just for us, an amazingly generous thing to do.

Luckily, the lace is in chart form and the chart symbols are translated into English in the book, so I had to knit a couple of little swatches of these lovely patterns:

Here's a close-up of the crappy looking unblocked swatch:

It's been a while since I knit with fine laceweight yarn so it took a bit of adjusting. But it's making me want to knit lace again, and not just swatches.

Since I finished my Candy Goth plain stockinette socks, I had to cast on for another pair of plain stockinette socks:

This is OhMyGoth!, the cashmere version of Gothsocks, in Business Time. The cashmere makes the socks sooooo soft, and the grey is gorgeous.

And Now For Something Really Familiar

Bike races, of course. This weekend was the DC Cyclocross race, which is unfortunately the same weekend as the Marine Corps Marathon. This means it's very difficult to get from our house to the race site because of all the road closures.

All three boys raced. Mr. T came in 7th in his race (out of 125), Sr. Jr. came in 2nd in his, and Jr. Jr. came in third, behind his good buddy D. Here are some pictures. Apparently it was really muddy from all the rain on Saturday.

First up, soccer -- Jr. Jr.'s team lost again, but Jr. Jr. had a couple of spectacular saves in goal:

Here's Jr. Jr. with his buddy D (between school, soccer, Sunday School, and bike races, they see each other every day) at the start of their race:

And during the race:

And some Sr. Jr.:

The guy on the end is 14, as tall as Mr. T, and racing in the wrong age group, so unfortunately, he got disqualified.

And some pretty Fall foliage:


Scott T. said...

what is the Estonian angle? I've seen other things you have that were Estonian.

are the gray lines on the sock supposed to drop off like that?

what excellent pictures

I felt bad about that kid getting dq'd

kippi said...

oooh, sweaty boys! The race looks like fun. That stinks for the dq'd kid.

Love the socks. These are knitting very fast.

The lace is amazing. What a nice thing for Annejeanne to do!

wah. Color changes in trees. I'm jealous.