Monday, October 5, 2009


I finished the knitting on the Moses sweater, finally. I bought some buttons, blocked it out, and it's long. My stitch gauge was right on, but my row gauge really changed, even though I washed my swatch and everything. I started sewing on the buttons and realized that I don't like them, so I have to run out to get more. I got the original set at Uniquities, but I think I'll go to G Street Fabrics next. They have a huge button selection. I'm holding off on trying it on until I have the buttons sewn on. Maybe I shouldn't wait. We'll see.

Meanwhile, some pics:

It doesn't look so great on the blocking board. I used the same yarn I used for my Aeslight Shawl as the contrast trim on a whim. I just thought it would add a little visual interest.

Since I was done with the sweater, I moved on the next project in the queue, the Dark Isle Socks that I linked to in the last post. This is a FUN project. It goes so quickly, because you just want to keep knitting to see the next color motif form.

I meddled with the pattern just a little, to account for the difference in gauge between the Wollmeise that I'm using and the Regia that the designer used in the pattern. On Saturday night I cast on and knit the toe, and then by the end of the day yesterday, I had this plus the heel turn (which I did after I took the picture):

Not the best picture, color-wise, but you get the idea of what the sock looks like. I love it.

Saturday was sports day. Sr. Jr. had his first day of actual matches in the county tennis program and he won both! One was singles, one was doubles. Jr. Jr.'s team lost another soccer game, but they looked sharper than they did in the last game, playing more aggressively and doing some actual passing. I think that they play better in the Saturday games than the weekday games, when they're tired after a long day of school. I remember this from baseball, too.

On Sunday, Sr. Jr. and Mr. T went to yet another cyclocross race. Sr. Jr. came in 3rd in his race, and Mr. T remains a consistent 11th. But there's some fun video, if I can get it to load properly.

And some more:

And more:

Yup, nutty sport.


kippi said...

that looks like FUN. I want someone to carry my bike up the stairs, but other than that, what a blast.

Is there some 'no coaching from the sidelines' rule in this sport DAD?

LOVE the sweater. I like the added color to the edging. Can't wait to see it modeled!

You are rockin' on those socks. I need to learn to knit faster. Or maybe give up the other myriad of things I'm doing.

Scott T. said...

I like the sock; the color in real life is very nice and the pattern is cool; not sure about the yellow stitching on the sweater though. Have to see it on.

it's either encouragement from the sidelines or active heckling. No limits

Lanas said...

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