Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Meh

I finished the Moses non-hoodie. All it needed was buttons and crochet loops. I went to Uniquities, bought some wooden buttons, sewed two on, and decided they didn't look good. Then I went to G St. Fabrics and got some more buttons. (Made the mistake of taking Jr. Jr. with me. He's a little magpie and kept asking for beads and buttons and candy corn fabric.)

Again, went home, sewed them on. Crocheted the loops. Ah, done. Went upstairs, put the sweater on and eeeeew. Didn't like it. The buttons and the loops looked awful. Decided that the sweater would look better without them, so I snipped them off. Better.

Yes, it would look better with a different shirt underneath. But I still don't love it. I've gained a few pounds in the middle and this sweater seems to highlight that. Now I feel fat and gross. Here's a picture that Sr. Jr. took:


At the moment I'm still working on the Dark Isle Socks. I've also picked up that second Aestlight that I started way back in August. I'm waiting for the yarn for a super secret project, but that won't take too long.

So what to knit next? I have several options. I could knit something using all that lovely MCN worsted I got. I could knit Pas de Valse using more Wollmeise. Or I could knit something using that nice bulky eco wool I got from Fibre Space.

So - (1) Squoosh worsted dark green simple sweater; (2) Pas de Valse, probably in Neptun (blue/teal) or Merlot (deep winey color); or (3) comfy sweater in lighter green eco wool?

Voting in the comments, please!


Scott T. said...

1. you're full of crap about looking/being fat
2. I vote for #4, which you showed me a while back, probably just to tease me.
3. yes, magpie (we like shiny things)

kippi said...

1. I agree with Mr. T.

I jumbo'd the photo to see if I could see what you are talking about and I can't. No muffin top. No cupcake top. Not even a chocolate chip cookie top.

2. I don't think I want to know what #4 is.

3. Ah, the Pass the Vase! Think you can get gauge?

4. I vote for the Squoosh or the Pass the Vase. I want someone to knit the PtV just to prove it can be done.

5. I'm a magpie. It would be a disaster for Jr. to go shopping with me.

Sharon said...

I like the eco-wool comfy sweater option. I bought some of that from Fibre Space too. Nice stuff!

I also think the sweater turned out great. It definitely looks like something you could wear a lot. Very pretty and I love the color.

You look great in those pics, Loren. Puleeze--fat????????? No way. I loved the shopping experience with Jr. Jr. at G Street. Just like my daughter. We were in JoAnn Fabrics on Friday after her P-T conference, and I left with nothing (I can't even remember what I went in there for), while she left with a quilting kit (sewing machine), batting, and some funky ribbon for her hair.

Loren T said...

Well, Sharon, stay tuned about the sweater. This afternoon, all will be revealed. But I'm a magpie, too, and have to resist all the pretty things myself.

I need a small, cheap sewing machine so I can sew steeks. Does such a thing exist? I'm trying NOT to get a nice sewing machine, which would make me feel compelled to learn to sew for real.

Sharon said...

I don't sew either. One of my sisters gave Sam a sewing maching a few years ago, and she had only dabbled in it. She's taking an ACT II course in teen living now (like home ec) and they're learning how to sew, so she's pulled it out again.

I did notice small machine at JoAnns the other day--less than $100 and for small jobs only. I think it was a Singer.