Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The cooler weather always brings me a spurt of energy. I get lethargic in the heat, but a nice chill perks me right up. (Except first thing in the morning, when it's very hard to get out of the nice warm bed.) After I finished the Moses sweater, I started on the Dark Isle socks, picked up Aestlight II to keep working on, and cast on for a new sweater.

The Squoosh merino/cashmere worsted won the day. I'm just doing a basic top-down raglan sweater, simple, but comfortable. I love working on and wearing complicated sweaters, but it's also nice to have a good basic, both for the wardrobe and the knitting sanity. This yarn is soooooo soft and heavenly to knit with, and it softens up even more after a wash. This will truly be a comfort sweater:

I am almost at the point where I divide the body and the sleeves and start knitting them separately.

I've turned the heel on the first Dark Isle sock and am working my way up the leg. I'd show you a picture, but I don't have one yet. You'll have to wait until it's done. It looks fabulous and fits amazingly. I recommend this pattern highly.

But soon I will add another project to the list, since I got my Fiddlehead Mitten kit today:

The mittens are knit in a gorgeous swirly pattern with a plain knitted lining for extra warmth. My hands get very cold, very quickly, so another good pair of mittens will be great.

Wouldn't it be nice to have 27 hours in a day? Sometimes I wish I were a person who could get by on a lot less sleep, so I could get in some more time.

Family Life

We're back in full swing here after a lazy summer. The schedule is crazy, with piano, soccer, tennis, bike racing, Sunday School and N'Tivot. The only day we don't have things scheduled after school is Friday. It's crazy, but good. Jr. Jr. is really enjoying soccer. He's already asked if he can play again next Fall. He scored his first goal this weekend, too! He has the potential to be very good at this, since he's pretty quick on his feet and very aware of what's going on on the playing field. In bike racing news, Sr. Jr. took first place at Sunday's race, while Jr. Jr. took third in his, and Mr. T came in 11th, as always. I joked that he doesn't even need to race, they can just start penciling him in at 11th in every race.

I love Halloween, so when I stopped in at Party City the other day, I couldn't resist increasing the Halloween decorations stash. I'm going to wait until next week sometime to put them out, but we do need to get some pumpkins soon.

Jr. Jr. wants to go as Bon Jovi. Listening him sing "Living on a Prayer" is pretty frightening, I'll give him that.


Scott T. said...

Here's video of my race that features me prominently (I'm in the blue outfit that says "Coppi" in black letters). I'm right in front of the camera guy 85% of the lap.

The new yarn is very soft indeed.

Guitar Hero is just a menace. Sr. Jr. asked me last night why I don't have Smoke On The Water on my ipod. ugh.

Sharon said...


Love, love, love the sweater. As for the mittens, I'm so intimidated that I won't opine. You are truly the master (mistress?)

That type of racing your guys do looks dangerous. I think we'll stick to triathlon!

Smoke on the Water--ugh indeed.