Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Blog Only a Husband Could Love

So far I think I only have one reader :) Hi, honey! (Interesting typo: I originally typed in "So fat I think I only have one reader." On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog. Ba dum dum.)

Jr. Jr. had a dentist appointment this morning, so of course I took along my nearly-finished Coriolos sock to work on while he was being tortured, I mean worked on. When I pulled it out, the woman across from me, who was accompanying her very elderly mother, began to reminisce about how she had knit socks years ago, when she was in school, but she hadn't since then. At that point, another woman arrived to wait for her appointment, saw me, and said, "I brought mine, too, but it's crochet." She was working on a cute little bag in a nice light blue cotton. See, honey, I'm not the only nutty fiber person around.

Here's Gabby modeling my in-progress Autumn Rose. Yes, she's sitting in a plush Scooby Doo chair and not the lovingly hand knit and fulled kitty bed. And yes, I've only got one (1) row done so far. It took quite a while for that first row, because I wanted to be absolutely sure I wasn't going to twist that first row. I didn't, and now I should be able to sail away. Hey, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to do two rows! A girl can only dream.

PS Virginia is getting bluer and bluer!


Scott T. said...

I'm here and checking for entries. You're not fat, and I think you meant "felted" kitty pad (didn't you?).

Scott T. said...

your readers are getting anxious for more content. Maybe some racy photos of you or your racing husband (we hear he's a real hotty) ;-)

The masses demand their bread and circus!