Monday, November 19, 2007

A Hodgepodge

Mondays are always a hodgepodge. I go to the supermarket, I do laundry, I attempt to clean something around the house. In between, I knit a few rows. Today I knit two whole rows on Autumn Rose:

As you can see, I'm recharting the sweater as I go. My chart is much easier than the one in the book. I'm so familiar with the pattern by now that recharting doesn't take that long. The bottom of the sweater is curling quite a bit. It bugs me, and I hope it blocks out.

I started a new sock, the Milkmaid's Stocking, from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I'm using Sundara Sock Yarn, in Bark over Cedar. The color is so rich and beautiful, and my pitiful camera skills can't even begin to capture it, but here's the bitty toe:

The final picture I have is of a skein of the new Raven Series from the Socks that Rock people. This color is Corbie. I also have a skein of the laceweight in Corvid and some of the Sheep to Shoe (fiber that you can spin into sock yarn) in Thraven, but those will not photograph well at all.

Mmmmmm, pretty, no?

Off to cook dinner...

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Scott T. said...

Mmmm, the "Milkmaid's stocking," I look forward to seeing that one.