Sunday, January 13, 2008

True Confessions

(... as opposed to the fake kind.)

First, I wore the Flower Basket scarf this weekend. I love the Alpaca with a Twist Fino laceweight. It's soft and crisp and the same time.

I got barely any knitting done this weekend, just a few rows on the second Dove sock. I wanted to, I just didn't get the time, so I thought I'd fill the void with some true confessions, knitting and non-knitting related:
  1. I hate entrelac. Never learned it, because I can't stand how it looks. The only entrelac I've ever seen that I've remotely liked was the Forest Path stole, and it wasn't enough to shake me out of my refusal to do it.
  2. Similarly, I can't stand most mitered knitting. Small, fiddly, lots of ends... no thanks. In a fit of post-partum knitting psychosis, I once knit most of a mitered sweater out of Koigu. I hated every minute of it. I didn't like the Koigu (I know, blasphemy), I didn't like the miters, and the sweater was butt-ugly. I hated it so much that I attempted to do it harm by throwing it in the washing machine on the hot water/high agitation setting. It fuzzed, but wasn't satisfyingly damaged.
  3. I'm personally of the opinion that there are too many people out there trying to get in on the "indie dyer" craze. There are some extremely talented dyers out there who do amazing work, but it's very easy to stray into clown barf territory. At this point, it seems that everyone with some dyes and a microwave is throwing some color on yarn and calling it "artisan" yarn. As a corollary to this, I'll add that yarns that are spectacularly beautiful in the skein often look like crap when knitted up, no matter what you do to them. I recognize that this is a matter of taste, and some people love the look of a wild hand-dyed yarn, but not me.
  4. Cashmerino yarn SUCKS. Pilled while I was knitting it and looked terribly sloppy before the piece was finished. Never again, no matter how soft it is.
  5. I've never seen a single episode of any version of CSI or Law & Order. It seems like they're on seven nights a week, too.
  6. My not-so-secret TV shame: "What Not To Wear." Shut up! Love it. Nick kinda freaks me out, but he has a way with a haircut.
  7. In a bit of tipsy whimsy, I downloaded some Monkees and Partridge Family songs to my iPod. Even "Daydream Believer." Oh, the shame.

Any other interesting confessions out there (keep the smut to a minumum, S.)?


Scott T. said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to knit this weekend. We'll make sure to remedy that next weekend.

I never went to band camp, but I've got some interesting stories....
My not-so-secret TV "shame" is Avatar: the last air bender (the story of a kid who can bend air, without hair). But I'm not really ashamed of it. I love good kids TV shows. I really miss the wild Thornberries.

I remember when you went midieval on that one peice.

kippi said...

The Wild Thornberries..what a fantastic cartoon.

I hate Noro. Seriously hate it. It reminds me of dryer lint, but rough and oogie. blech.

I watch "clean house" and am scared at the thought that most people live like pigs.

I've seen every episode of "The Office" at least three times.

I don't watch "Lost".

I love chicken nuggets (the gluten free kind).

I don't eat at restaurants (see prior sentence).

huh. none of those are interesting. And you put a ban on smut.

ps I have a couple of Colourmart cones. Haven't used them yet so can't give you a review. The owner is really nice though and the service is quite good. I was hoping you would opine on the current HRC and BHO mud slinging. Thoughs?