Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Viral Weekend

I hate getting sick. As much as I would like to be, I am not one of those strong women who laugh in the face of illness. I immediately become convinced that I'm dying of some horrible disease, some wandering tumor. This weekend it was just a minor thing, but I was whiny and depressed. Well, I was too sick to knit for a while there, so who wouldn't be? I shudder to think what would happen if I ever were diagnosed with something truly threatening.

So some knitting got done, but not much. It was also a three day weekend for the kids, which eliminated much of Monday. I had a doctor's appointment today, tomorrow is early release for the kids, Thursday is Jr. Jr.'s birthday (7! must bake cupcakes to bring to school!), Friday is the fifth grade ice cream social (afternoon) and the school-wide 70's revival dance (evening), so it's going to be a slow week overall. And this coming Monday is once of those wonderful and well-timed "teacher work days," so I look forward to another short week next week.

I did finish the main body of Miss Lambert's shawl:

Still not much to look at, in it's unblocked state. I haven't started the edging yet, because I'd like to have some concentrated time to get a few inches in, but... see above. So I got back to work on the Dove socks, and am not far from completing the second sock.

I'll be happy to finish these. I don't love knitting with Socks that Rock yarn because it feels so harsh and twiny. I can't wait to see how these soften up in the wash. Hopefully they'll turn out soft enough that I won't dread knitting with this stuff again, because I have more of it. Here's a close up of the Raven colors, as best they can show up on this grey and pre-snowy day:

Now I'm looking forward to starting a new sock, in a nice, soft yarn, probably some Dream in Color Smooshy. Love that yarn!

The other disadvantage of being sick was that I was too woozy to follow closely what was going on in politics. My general impression is that the Democratic race is getting nasty, which isn't good for the party, and the Republican race is still fairly fractured. On the Democratic side, I can't help but think that the nastiness being attributed to the Clintons is only going to work, ultimately, in Obama's favor. The Clintons seem to be alienating one of their prior core constituencies -- African Americans. Not a good strategy. All Obama has to do is avoid playing along with them and he comes across as more statesmanlike. I still think that the differences and similarities between them are quite worth parsing out in a non-acrimonious atmosphere. Perhaps I say that just because I'm still undecided and feel like I want a lot more clarification on some of the issues and where they really stand.

On the Republican side, Thompson is out. Will Huckabee be next? I hope so. But then again, I value the Constitution as it stands and don't want it to be "brought more in line with God's laws" or whatever it is that Huckabee's been claiming out there in (certain) speeches to (certain) audiences. It will be interesting to see if Giuliani can, as he claims, win in Florida. That would really throw a monkey wrench into this primary season for the Republicans, who are already contending with a big Romney/McCain fight.


kippi said...

So sorry you were ill! YUCK. I hear you about being convinced you have some sort of mutant ailment. One of the few downsides of having a very creative mind. I was just about to send you a note to see if you were okay.

Oh the debates. I was thoroughly amused. When highly visible Democrats tell WJC to shut his mouth, you know they are concerned. I had to laugh at Edwards as the camera barely even knew he was there. I must say that I was more impressed with BHO than I have been previously. To me there are no Republicans that are even moderately viable, except for maybe J.M. How about a BHO/JM ticket? Now THAT would be interesting.

Your shawl looks fantastic. The color is quite pretty. I also like your Dove socks. The color is quite nice. My monsoon STR socks faded which suprised me. Oh well. I am finishing up a pair of socks using Wick. I was skeptical at first, but i have one made and I LOVE this yarn. I'm not a big wool girl but use it because some of the best yarns are almost all wool.

Hope you continue to be on the mend. Stay it, it is cold in your area. brrrrrr. It is okay here, but the sun refuses to shine. Which is a problem for me. This, too, shall pass.

Morandia said...

we Arkansans do our best to get rid of our problems by pushing them higher up the political ladder. It seems the only way to get them out of the state!!! *GRIN*

Love your dove socks. I might have to give them a try!

Loren T said...

Welcome, morandia! Between Giuliani, Bloomsburg, and (arguably) Clinton, you could say my native New York does the same thing with its problems ;)

The Dove socks were definitely fun to knit, even if the yarn wasn't my fave.

Susan said...

the Dove socks look great! Love the color, too.