Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to the Grind -- With a Smile

The boys had a great time in Florida visiting their grandmother. MIL lives in Bradenton, but Mr. T grew up on Anna Maria Island, where practically everything was in walking distance of the beach. (Can you imagine a more idyllic place to be a kid?) One of the greatest things about Anna Maria is that it's on the west coast of Florida, which means that you get to sit on the beach and watch some spectacular sunsets. There's a great restaurant called The Sandbar, where you just sit out on the deck, eating dinner, watching the sunset, while the dolphins frolic in the water.

So while I had my Mommy Vacation, the kids had a genuine fun vacation. I was really rejuvenated by my time off, so I was in a very good mood when they got home. We had a nice dinner out, too. And this morning, when it came time to start the laundry and do the grocery shopping, I was still in a good mood. I made one of our family's favorite recipes for tonight's dinner, too, Chicken Gyros with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce. One of the nice things about the recipe is that everything gets made in advance. The yogurt sauce is in the fridge, getting flavorful, and the chicken is marinating. When dinnertime rolls around, I just put up the rice, quickly saute the chicken and nuke some peas, and dinner is done.

At the bus stop this morning, I ran into J, with her kids M (in kindergarten), and K, who's in preschool. K is an adorable little boy, but this morning he was still in his pajamas in his stroller, wearing a very cross expression. "It's been one of those mornings, huh?" I asked J. "Yeah," she said, "you had The Best Vacation EVER!"

Not much knitting to talk about, since I've been reuniting with the kids and doing household stuff. I did finish the main knitting on the Flutter Sleeve cardi, so I get to work on the buttonbands now. I'd like to power through them, but I suspect that a couple of feet of seed stitch will get tedious.

So, what next? I still need to work on the Bleeding Hearts Stole, which has gotten lost in the shuffle; the Will Spring Never Come? socks, (not even to the heel on the second sock); and the current spinning. When the socks are done, I'll start the next Sock Club installment, but I'll probably change it around a little bit, to carry the patterning all the way around the sock, rather than just on the front.

I've been hearing rumors around Ravelry that the Spring Vogue Knitting has started arriving in the mail, but I haven't gotten mine yet. Hmmm. I don't love each and every knitting magazine out there, but I do like to read them, and in the case of Knitter's, laugh at them.

So, any nice vacation/holiday stories anyone would like to share?


Scott T. said...

I completely forgot that we saw a porpoise while we were fishing; it wasn't what I'd call the healthiest looking I've ever seen. It must have been old because it seemed to have almost like barnacles on its fin.

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple of young men you have there! Looks like they had a great time. Hey, I lived 20 years in Gainesville, FL. Used to vacation on the other side of the state quite often (south of St. Augustine).

Hmmm. best vacation. I'm guessing the one to a cabin where we had to leave early because of dh's work 'emergency' wouldn't count, right? ya, didn't think so.

I bet that mom with the kids was jealous of your vacation.


Scott T. said...

I went to U.F. from 85-89. Gainesville was a nice place to live for a while