Sunday, March 16, 2008

Online, Again

Rumours of our internet connection's demise were premature. It was touchy for a day or two, but appears to be back of its own accord. I'm not sure if I should cancel the appointment with the cable guys or not. If I cancel it, the connection will fail again, I'm sure, but if I don't cancel it, they'll get here and wonder what's wrong. Hmm...

I finished the first of the "Will Spring Never Come?" socks. Just for fun, I added a ruffle at the top. If I wanted to push the Spring metaphor, I could say that the ruffle reminded me of the unfurling of plant leaves at the beginning of the season. But I've never been known to beat a metaphor to death, right? I didn't make the ruffle too big, because I wasn't sure how much of the extra little coordinating skein I had.

These are turning out to be quite cute, and are satisfying my need for something green.

I've also started working on the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern, Classic Elite Silk. I'm rejiggering the pattern a little. I've decided that I like the sweater best with 1 1/2 inches of positive ease (see my last post), but for me, that's a little bit more than the smallest size of the pattern. The medium would definitely be too big. However, while adding an inch and a half to the bust measurement works, adding that inch and a half to the bottom of the sweater, i.e., the hip, would make that part too big. So I cast on using the numbers for the small size, but I don't want the waist part to come in as much as the small size does (my hip/waist ratio isn't that big), so I'm not decreasing as much for the waist. So, small size for hips, small 1/2 (as Sr. Jr. calls it) for the waist and bust. I hope this works, or I'll have the mutant Frankensweater from Hell. So far, it looks innocent just lurking there, doesn't it?

Oh, Eliot

One of the favorite shows here Chez T is the British show "Coupling." We own the DVD set, and watch it whenever it shows up on BBC America. It's one of those shows that we can watch over and over again, and it still cracks us up. (BBC shows are getting me through the writer's strike, but that's another post.) One of the running jokes in the show is how one character's mother always says "Oh, Jeffrey," in this exasperated, disappointed tone of voice whenever she catches him doing something vaguely perverted (or even just sexual). So the first thing I thought when I heard about Eliot Spitzer's recent, um, troubles was "Oh, Eliot!"

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