Sunday, March 9, 2008

Now That We've Arrived in Hell, Can I Get Out of This Handbasket?

Every time I think the current administration has reached its nadir, George W. Bush proves me wrong. I won't repeat the litany of stubborn stupidity that has characterized the administration from 2000 until now, because that's well documented almost everywhere. Yet even now, in the twilight of his term, the man can't help but continue to foul things up. It was bad enough that he refused until only very recently to concede that the economy is in tatters. It's even worse that he somehow believes that a quickie cash payout will make any bit of difference to an economy in which people are losing jobs and homes at a pace unseen in a loooooonnnnnggg time. But the worst -- the icing on the shit-filled cupcake of this adminstration -- is his veto of the bill that would have banned waterboarding and a host of other torture techniques. His rationale? "Why should we give up on a technique that has gained us so much in the war on terror?" Never mind that military intelligence experts have repeatedly said that torture doesn't produce any reliable information. Never mind that our standing in the world just clunked down at the bottom of the sewer. And most certainly never mind that we won't have a leg to stand on should other countries or terrorist groups torture our soldiers and citizens.

How can John McCain -- himself a survivor of torture -- look that man in the eye, shake his hand, and accept his endorsement? I'm not a huge John McCain fan, nor do I have extremely strong feelings against him. I don't support his candidacy for President, and I have many reasons for doing so. But the hypocrisy embodied in just that single act of accepting an endorsement from a man who supports the use of torture would be enough, on its own, to keep me from ever voting for him.

As for the economy, it's anyone's guess as to when things will get better or how. I went to get my haircut last week, and while I was there, the woman who had the appointment before mine called to say that the gasoline had been stolen out of her car while she was there. In broad daylight.

Deco Socks -- Better Pictures

The stars aligned. The sun is out and Mr. T is home. Alas, the pictures: not so good. I'll include the two that came out the best, just to give you a clearer picture of the motifs:

I may (may) write the pattern up for sale.

Current knitting has been scarce. Spinning has been nonexistent. Mr. T is about to take the boys out to do some errands, so I think I'll grab the Bleeding Hearts stole and get to work!

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